Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5 Cool Apps for Moms (not kids)

5 Cool Apps for Moms

Everyone always talks about their favorite App for kids, but what about Moms?  I have spent the past several weeks quizzing everyone I know about their favorite Apps and I have compiled a list.  (Before you ask, yes, I realize I am a giant nerd.  I like Apps, sue me).

If you are ever in an awkward situation and need something safe and fun to chat with people about it, ask them about their favorite App.  I do it at work all the time and it works like a charm!  On that note, here is my list.  I am hoping that everyone will share their favorite Apps too!

Urban Spoon
Price: Free

This is how our conversations often go for dinner on the weekends:

Me:  What should we have for dinner tonight?  Should we pick up something?
Hubby:  Sure
Me:  What should we get?  What's around here?
Hubby:  The same restaurants that have been here since we moved in.  Chipolte, On the Border, Panera. (Then Hubby trails off....)
I respond by shrugging, followed by ..silence....staring into space...why can't I think of anything else??

This app fixes all that.  You can simply put what part of town you're in and it will give you all the restaurants.  You can even drill down into which type of food: Chinese, Mexican,etc.  It's like having a food expert telling you all the available restaurants in your area.  Great for traveling too.

i Garage Sale
Lite Version: Free
Premium Version: $1.99
Looking for a cheap stroller or maybe an easel for the kids?  If you want to look at garage sales, this app will tell you the location of all garage sales in your area for that specific time frame, all collected from Craigslist.  Then you can drive around with your map.  See?  Isn't that so cool?

Key Ring  
I cannot believe this app is free.  You know how you end up with dozens of "Loyalty cards" for places like Babies R Us, Toys R Us, Panera, CVS, the grocery store, etc.?  Like you don't have enough to do at the register while your toddler is trying to pull gum off the shelf and you are trying to focus on paying and getting out of there and then they start asking you for your card and you have to dig around in your purse for your CVS card.  Plus, you end up with a super fat wallet because you have so many of them.  With this, you can enter them all in and when you go to the store, just have them scan your App.  You can get rid of all your cards from your wallet!  Plus, they even come up with coupons for you.  Genius!!

icon Project
Price: $0.99
I love my iPhone but one thing I hate about it is calling people.  You know how you have to go into the phone icon, then contacts, then favorite, then click on your person, then click one more time?  Really?  5 clicks just to call Hubby?  This App puts an icon right on your main page called, "Mom" or "Hubby" or whatever and it just calls them directly.  You don't even have to go go into the phone menu first.  Just literally click on the icon on the main screen. 

We haven't seen a movie since...oh, probably Bridesmaids.  What is that, a year ago?  More?  So I was a bit baffled when we had a date night recently.  Lots has changed in the world of movies in a year, but this App is great because you can see what movies are playing where and even see ratings and reviews.

Note:  I was not approached by and of these companies.  I truly just love Apps and wanted to share my favorites with you.  I was not paid or incentivised in any way to write this post.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just downloaded the garage sale and key ring ones. I never have my loyalty cards and have to give my number every time. Thanks!

  2. I love the Key Ring app...it is awesome! Thanks so much.

  3. Does the Icon Project app still work for you currently? I was excited to download it for my toddler to use in case of emergencies (to directly call his PawPaw by clicking on his picture). However, all of the most recent reviews of the app say that it doesn't work with Apple's current operating system (ios 5.1). Have you tried using it recently? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Kelli,
      I saw those reviews too before I wrote this and did more research, because yes, it is still working great on my phone! I turns out that people were using Icon Project for something it wasn't intended for, like creating a shortcut to turning Bluetooth on and off. This doesn't work anymore with the new software, but the actual function of creating buttons to your most called people does still work. I just used it this morning! :-)

    2. Thanks!! I have most of the other apps you mentioned (love them all!), and now I'll go add one more! :)

  4. i garage sale! Now we're talking :) thx!

  5. I have a few of those, but the key ring one is amazeballs. I'm going to download that stat. Thanks!

  6. I LOVE urban spoon. Will be downloading the rest this afternoon. Apple needs to come up for an app to calm mommies down

  7. Hello! LOVE your blog! Im your newest follower, You can follow back at: tristascreations.blogspot.com

  8. I love the urban spoon app! I must have for me. I also am addicted to words with friends, even though it does nothing for me as a mom, it does provide me instant escape and a break from reality.

    1. Yes, I probably need to get on board with words with friends...I've heard great things about it!

  9. I am a grandmother and I love all these apps. Thanks for doing the 'legwork' for me!!!

  10. You have simplified my life. Thanks for the info on these great apps for moms. I can't wait to start using keyring.


  11. Love this post! iGarage sale is genius. And there is no way i could not get the icon project now. I hate that its not just one click! A dollar well spent, i say.

    1. Thanks Cassie! I do think Apps are worth the money sometimes!

  12. Thanks a ton! Great apps! I love the app RunPee, too. I'm always having to go to the bathroom at the movies, and it tells you when you can go & summarizes what happens while you're gone. It even tells if there are extra scenes during/after the credits! Movies are the escape the hubby and I use now and then, so I love movie apps like that & IMDB. :)

  13. They all sound great--thanks for posting! However, I am having the hardest time finding i garage sale. Is it still there? I have tried all the different variations, and I know I'm spelling it right. Thanks in advance for your help.