Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Easy Craft: Tye-dye Coffee Filters!

I'm usually the last to know about everything so it doesn't surprise me that it took four years of being a Mom to learn about these nifty little things.  Have you seen these?  They are color dabbers and you can get them just about anywhere and I'm just now finding out about them:

There are lots of uses for these, but a favorite around our house is tye-dye coffee filters.  We took the coffee filters and folded them over a bunch of times and then used the dabbers to make different designs.  It was pretty good for strength and patience too, because we had to really press down to get the color to bleed all the way through the coffee filters.  As an aside, in case you're wondering, that is marker on Munchkin Girl's arms.  I'm not sure why, but she and Little Buddy thought it was funny to color on each other with markers.  This has nothing to do with the color dabbers so don't be afraid.

Then we opened them up and found the most beautiful result!

Normally Munchkin Girl gets bored with stuff eventually, but this time, she would have kept doing them all afternoon.  I finally had to put a stop to it before Daddy ran out of coffee filters. 

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  1. That is brilliant. I've never seen those before either.

    1. Really? Thank you!! I hadn't seen them before either, but figured for some they were out there!! :-)

  2. I want to live at your house! Looks like so much fun. Photos are gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Susan! Life at our house isn't always gorgeous photos, but it is fun most of the time!! :-)

  3. What a fun idea!!! I'll have to remember that for when my daughter is older. Thank you for sharing!

  4. The coffee filter art is beautiful. I love the vibrant colors!

    : 0 ) Theresa

  5. Love this idea. Hope you don't mind me adding to my SUmmer Bucket List on my blog and linking back to you.

    1. Stephanie that would be great thx for doing that!!

  6. I did this yesterday. My paint must be too thick because it wouldn't go through more than 2 layers :( I was so disappointed. I did them with food coloring and they were pretty, but not as pretty as yours.

  7. I love creating items with coffee filters. So many different options. I have only ever just done butterflies with regular markers. Can't wait to try this idea.

  8. What size coffee filter did you use? These look bigger than the traditional size coffee filter.

    1. These look like the same ones I got at the Dollar Tree. Mine are a bit smaller than a dinner size paper plate.

  9. What kind of dabbers did you use? Are these markers or paint?