B-Day Ideas for each age

This is a list of things I personally own and can recommend for each age.  I think it's hard to come up with ideas for every age, so here is some help for you.  I would also really like to know what you recommend!

1 Year old
Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen (Really good for any age, up to 5 or 6.  Keeps every very busy!)
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks (Probably good for most ages, but even at 1 they seem to enjoy watching you build it up and knock it down)

2 Year Old
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Piggy Bank (Could be for less than 2 as well)
Disney Princess Belle Teapot (Hang Tag)
Graco Play Set - Stroller with Canopy, Swing / High Chair, Playgym, Baby Monitors and 3 Piece Accessories (Keeps little girls busy for hours!)
Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen (I really like this particular one)
Kid Galaxy My 1st RC Gogo Auto Bubble Gum Racer
Little Mommy Play All Day Baby (Incredibly annoying for parents, but kids LOVE them!)
Jingle the Husky Pup Interactive Storybook and Plush (Hallmark) (Probably good for anybody from 1-4)
Megabloks 80pc Lrg Mega Bloks Bag

3 Year Old
Kidoozie My First Purse
Step2 Fresh Market Kitchen
Dazzlers Dress up Trunk
Melissa & Doug Tops and Tights Magnetic Dress-Up
Disney Princess Beauty Tote (Hang Tag)


This page is still a work in progress and I'd really love feedback on this and then I'll put something together.  Email me and tell me some ideas of what worked for you!  My idea is to have a list for every age.  I thought it was hard to decide what to buy at age one, two, and three, so I asked my friends for advice.  Now I'll put a list together so you'll know too!


  1. One toy my one year old received for Christmas was the Baby Farm Friends Bowling set, made by EarlyYears. It has provided hours of entertainment on cold days when we want to be active but it's too cold to be outside. My youngest chases after the ball and practices throwing it to her big sister, while my three year old is getting good at aiming and setting up the pins. The plush, colorful pins and ball have bells inside that make a fun noise for the kids, but it's not irritating to me! :). Gotta love a toy that keeps them active while indoors!

  2. I found the cutest website with magnet necklaces for mom and daughter. I just bought a set for daughter Becky and me to wear on mom’s day! That will be fun. They have these red hearts with plastic ladybugs glued on them. They are held to the necklace with magnets. Loved the designs. Well, happy mother’s day to all the moms. www.britebuttonz.com
    Shirl Hinkle

  3. For age 4 we love to give Melissa & Doug costumes (our current favorites are chef, pirate and firefighter). Sticker mosaic sets are also great for 4 year olds. Magnatiles are the absolute favorite toy in our house, both my 2 year old son and 4 year old daughter can't keep their have off of them!

    1. I have to agree-- I love Melissa & Doug and you can find a lot of their toys at Toys R Us so for me it is handy!!My Daughter Kaili loved the big bright nesting blocks!!

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