Freelance writing

In addition to my book, I have been published in numerous publications and I love writing freelance articles.  You can see an updated list of all of my publications below.  Please contact me if you are interested in securing my services.

Circle of Moms
5 Brain-Stimulating Activities to Keep Your Toddlers Busy

Proof That Discipline Works
Sometimes the Best Parents are the Ones with the Screaming Kids at the Grocery Store

Yahoo Contributor Network

The Secrets to Raising a Sweet Daughter
Pinterest: Friend or Foe to the Blogosphere?

Quit Ganging Up on My Kid

Children Who Play Outdoors Unsupervised Have Higher Self-Esteem

Bottle-feeding is Not as Evil as we Think

Could This Be Childhood OCD?

How Much Time do you Make to Play with Your Kids at Home

Working Mother Magazine Blogs

Mommy Guilt

Punctuality: My Elusive Enemy

This Mother Can Run Online Magazine

Running Slump

Healthy Moms Magazine:

Toxins and Pesticides in Our Homes

Yoga With Toddlers = Bad Idea

Quit Ganging Up on My Kid

Easy Ways to avoid Gaining Weight During the Holidays

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