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If you’re anything like me, once you became a Mom, you quickly learned that free time is a thing of the past and you found yourself asking:
Why can't my kids just play by themselves occasionally?
Why does it make me so crazy to stay home with the kids sometimes?
What should I be doing to get my kids ready for school?

It turns out that kids are much  more likely to be independent and well-behaved when they are challenged.  What does this really mean?  It means looking around your house for items like colored rice, buttons, and even just water and providing your kids with an outlet to arouse their curiosity and help them learn.  Now I know what you're thinking.  I have enough to do without coming up with more stuff!  I want to simplify my life, not make it harder!  Trust me.  You will get more free time and a much happier house-hold.

After my son was born, my daughter started acting out.  I began researching child development and decided I would give this a shot.  I was amazed.  She was absolutely mesmerized by water, sand, and rice, and she loved sorting things out and playing with new objects.  Once I was able to compliment her on something she had actually accomplished, she felt fulfilled and changed into a different kid.

The good news is that children are naturally wired to learn by playing, and not by memorizing flashcards.  With the right games and activities, you can stimulate your child’s brain to make them smarter AND get some much-needed free time, making you a happier Mommy.  Plus, you will be able to feel like you accomplished something, because you are playing an active role in helping your child develop his intelligence.

I have teamed up with former Kindergarten teacher and author, Susan Case, to write a book called, The Happy Mommy Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide on Keeping Your Toddlers and Preschoolers Busy, Out of Trouble, and Motivated to Learn.  The Happy Mommy Handbook has tons of family fun ideas for you to choose from. This book is written in a unique way: from the perspective of both a mom and a teacher.  Each chapter introduces a problem that I have actually faced in my real life.  Susan Case is a former Kindergarten teacher who offers advice after each scenario and educates the reader on skills that young children should be working on, such as fine motor and sensory skills.  There are many wonderful ideas to keep kids busy.  
At the end of each chapter, we introduce dozens of games and activities that we have developed for you to do with your small children, including photos and detailed instructions.  You will understand how each activity can  truly benefit both you and your child.  This book is not about fancy projects that are difficult and time-consuming.  Not every Mom is a crafting genius so the book also gives practical advice on what you should buy and how to organize your supplies.  The activities are generally inexpensive and easy. 

The goals of this book are simple: to give you more free time, smarter and happier children, and most of all, to allow you to enjoy and make the most of the early years with your children because kids really do grow up fast.

The reviews have been wonderful and here are a few of the best ones:

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This book seriously saved my sanity. I've read a bunch of parenting books but this is literally the only one that actually gave me real and specific advice and ideas for things to do with my daughter. I'm a stay-at-home mom to a 2-year old and I was at my wits end trying to come up with ideas of fun, easy, creative things to do with her that will keep her busy and occupied and help her learn. I wasn't very good at following through on ideas that I heard about from friends or read in other books or online because they seemed too complicated (aka: messy!) but this book broke it down and made it so simple. I highly recommend it!
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This is truly a fantastic book! I was shocked at how many activities the authors came up with - many of which didn't even require a trip to the store for supplies! The Mom who wrote this has great stories & the Teacher has valuable experiences...it's a perfect blend of unique insight. Fun (inexpensive) activities that keep my 2 kids away from the TV, what more can you ask for?!?!? This book is really helping me become a better Mom - Thank you!
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Working mom approved! July 5, 2012
By Katie
Format:Kindle Edition
As a full-time working mom, I want the time I spend with my daughter to be quality time. This book is full of great ideas on how I can engage my 2-year old, and keep her out of trouble while I get things done around the house. It is fascinating to watch her learn and have fun with the simplest of activities from materials we have around the house. Our quality and learning together time has improved! I can't wait to share this book with all of my mom friends -- working or stay-at-home!

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