Products I recommend

See my review of this product.  I love this clock!!

Traveling with the kids?  Try this Toddler inflatable travel bed.  You can pack it in a suitcase.  We have it and love it!!

We have these video monitors for both kids...even though they are four and two...I'm thinking they will come in really handy when they are teenagers!

It is my firm opinion that every Mom needs a bluetooth headset.  That way, if the kids are asleep, you can gossip with your Mom or catch up with your college friend while you fold laundry!  This gives you the ability to walk around easily without holding your phone to your ear.  Or, if you have a fussy baby who will only sleep while you hold her, you can still chat on the phone!  I've tried out lots of differet ones, and this is the only one I like.  It has lots of good features and was simple to set up on my iPhone!

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