Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My first day as a Stay at Home Mom

Well it's official.  I am a stay at home Mom!  So far, these are my observations:

  • I thought I would be less absent-minded since I wouldn't be so stressed out all the time.  Turns out, not so much.  I somehow left my grocery list at the kids preschool while I was writing them a check, even though it was tucked neatly into my purse originally, and had to drive all the way back there and have them root through the trash to help me find it.
  • Even though the kids were at preschool during the day, I still filled up every second of my day.  And hubby didn't even notice the sparkling-clean house.  I need a bon-bon.
  • I'm much less motivated to take a shower 
  • I'm very excited to spend the day with my kids (on their off-day from preschool) instead of leaving them with the babysitter
My story is a long one, I will fill you in briefly.  Boy meets girl.  They get married and boy starts medical school.  Girl spends 10 long years putting boy through medical school, only to have to move with boy for a fellowship right before first child enters Kindergarten.  Girl is forced to resign from beloved career to follow boy to the mountains for the final year of medical training before officially becoming a "real doctor".  Girl discovers that life is actually pretty amazing and is ready to begin a brand-new journey as a career woman turned stay at home Mom.  

The good news is that with all my experience with crafts and games for the kids, I think we will be very busy.  I have decided to send Munchkin Girl to half-day Kindergarten next year so that we can explore our new city together.  I will be documenting our adventures and hopefully educational experiences.  Stay tuned, I'm so grateful for all my readers (hopefully there are still some out there?)

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  1. Love the honest share :) best of luck

  2. I am really looking into doing the SAHM thing, but am terrified of giving up the career that I love so much. Would love to hear more about this!

    1. Thanks Laura! I will definitely work on another post with more information. I am really thinking about it as a year or two off rather than just totally not working anymore, that makes is less terrifying for me :-)

  3. So glad to see you again! So is your husband a "real" doctor yet, or is he still in fellowship? Good luck with your new adventure!

    1. BTW, I've been a SAHM for 6.5 years now, with a couple multi-month freelance gigs thrown in there. I also left the best job ever, but in my heart, I knew that I wouldn't be able to handle my career AND tend to my family whole-assed. I'm planning to go back to work, whether it's editing (my original career) or something else,in a year or so.

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