Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Math Practice with Counting Bears

We love our counting bears.  We've been using them since the kids were only two years old.  Back then, we simply sorted them into the cups for math "practice".  Now, my son just turned five and will be in Kindergarten next year and my daughter will be in first grade so we have changed how we play with them, but they are still a favorite.  

Pre-Kindergarten Math Practice
Last night, we all played with the bears together and here is what we did.  For my son, we kept things pretty basic.  His job was to count the number of bears we had for each color and then write the number.  As you can see, he tended to turn the numbers backwards, which is very common for his age.  When he turned them backward, I had him practice a few extra ones of that particular number.  At the end, he even added the colors together:

Kindergarten Math Practice
For my daughter, who is already in Kindergarten, we got a little more advanced.  Her school doesn't give them homework yet, so she welcomed this fun little game with our favorite bears.  I gave her a worksheet to complete, but she also had a pile of bears, and if she needed to, she could use the bears to help her complete her worksheet and figure out the problems.

They both had a great time, and these bears were one of the best purchases I ever made! (Please note I have no affiliation with this company and wasn't paid for this post, I just really do like them!)

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