Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Keep Little Kids Busy While You Shower

How to Keep Little Kids Busy While You Shower
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Showers: We all need them, but isn't it funny that no one tells you that after you have kids you will likely never get to shower alone again unless it's at 5:30am or 8:00 pm.  I usually try to shower in the morning, before the little kids wake up, but a few weeks ago I slept in and was forced to attempt the scary scenario of "watching" the kids from the shower.  On this particular day, they tricked me.  They acted like they were going to behave and play quietly, but as soon as my feet hit the tile, they both hopped into the bath tub and started trying to get the water turned on.  I jumped out, sopping wet, and pulled them both out of the tub.  Then, as soon as I got back in the shower, they found my special jewelry stash and started pulling everything out.  A few minutes later, Munchkin Girl said, "Mommy, I have to go poo poo..."  Since she still can't wipe herself, I had to hop out once again, sopping wet and help her take care of her business.

Since then, I've been brainstorming ways to keep kids busy while I'm in the shower.  The goal is to have something with minimal set-up and clean-up.  And to be honest, I really want something I can just buy and be confident that it's safe for young kids.  I love to create art projects but I need to be sure that if I give them something while I'm in the shower it isn't going to disintegrate.  I am happy to report that I have found a few things that allow me the time to actually use conditioner and even apply my make-up!

1.  Making necklaces.  You can buy these kits at Target or Amazon and they allow your kids to make a very easy craft and it's clean too.  Basically they are little beads that they push together to make necklaces.  They are actually really great for fine motor skill and even patterning because they are different colors and you have to push pretty ha
rd to get them strung together.  Probably best for kids ages 3.5 and up.  You can just put them in a big bowl and after you show them how to do it, it can keep them busy for quite awhile.

2.   Water Wow Coloring Books: I haven't been able to find these little miracles at any local store and I have no idea why.  They are the best coloring book EVER.  It comes with a special "pen" and you actually put water inside it, and when the page gets wet, it changes from white to a colorful pattern of My Little Ponies!  My daughter was amazed the first time she saw this.  You can find these on Amazon in different characters, even Spiderman and a few others for boys.  When it dries, the color goes away so they can use it again and again and again.  They are even great for restaurants. 

3.  Let's face it.  Sometimes TV is the only thing that will buy you the 20 minutes you need.  If you want to still be able to see what the kids are doing, you might consider investing in one of these.  We also use it for plane and car rides and joke that it's the best $100 we ever spent!

4.  Stringing necklaces: You can certainly do this without buying the kit (see left), but it was very handy because it stays all together and already has the strings ready.

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  1. So true. The bathroom has became a public space since the birth of my first child. Those necklaces look great. I'll have to try that.

  2. Once you're a mummy there's no going to toilet alone or showering alone until the leave home.... Great activities you found:)

  3. haha- I never pee by myself anymore. I love the necklaces!

  4. Thank you once again for some ideas. I have not showered by myself since my little one turned 12 months. No matter what she always finds me.....I have not been able to go to the bathroom by myself since she has started walking between her and the dogs it has been a crazy two years.

  5. I usually use the tv and leave them blockaded in an area with toys. If I HAVE to shower while they are awake and no one else can watch them. But I try really hard to shower at night or while my hubby is home. Safer that way. The things they get into!

  6. I completely understand! Finally, my girls have reached the age where I usually have to wake them up, but the boy is only 2. He is my alarm clock and my bathroom companion during almost every shower. He's happily entertained with a noisy book, a bowl of dry cheerios and a cup of milk. When he gets bored he goes and wakes up Papa. hehehe. I don't mind that at all.

    I'm tagging you! Participate if you have the time:

  7. Not sure if you have Hobby Lobby where you are (not sure where you live). They have the water coloring books along with a lot of other strange but entertaining supplies you wouldn't think would be at a craft store.

  8. I know. I know. All of us moms know now about the shower challenges! You did a great job taking on this challenge by coming up with a few shower time activities. I love the idea of stringing necklaces for a quiet, activity. -heather

  9. I have a shower next to my tub, so I have my kids take a bath (with plenty of bath paints and water toys) while I shower. Everybody is supervised and happy, and they always beg to stay in even after I get out of the shower!

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