Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tricking the Kids Into Eating Breakfast With Protein

How to Trick Your Kids Into Eating a Breakfast With Protein
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My daughter seems to always be on a diet.  I wish I had her self-control.  She eats about three bites of every meal and then begs to get down.  The good news is that I doubt she'll ever have to worry about her weight.  The bad news is that she BARELY made the growth chart at her three year doctor's appointment.  She was a whopping 3rd percentile for weight.  Granted, I'm not the best cook in the world, but I doubt that's the problem.  I think she's just too busy to eat and the doctor told me not to push the issue so I didn't worry much about it.

However, I worried that she would start asking for snacks the second she arrived at Preschool so I set out to devise a way to force her to eat more.  I bought some cinnamon bread (the kind in a box of course) and then I asked the kids to help me bake it.  The trick is that I also bought some Whey Protein Powder to add to the bread mix.  This is the first time they have worked together on baking.  Normally we do it when Little Buddy is asleep since he's only 22 months I didn't think he was ready to stand on a stool and concentrate.  However, as usual I underestimated him:

kids cooking together

Munchkin Girl kept telling him, "Good job, Little Buddy!  Keep stirring...."

Pretty soon she wanted a turn and he helped her hold the bowl:

siblings making muffins together with protein powder

I added the Protein Powder to the batter and since it was vanilla flavored, I wasn't sure how it would taste, but they loved it!  In fact, they both gobbled up two pieces of bread the next day.  They were so proud to eat what they had cooked.  Her teacher told me later that she didn't ask for any snacks that day!  Mission complete!  Now I just have to bake bread every couple of days...hmmm...what have I started??

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  1. That is pretty awesome. Mine is the same damn way she will pick all day and just do dinner. My doctor said the same thing don't push the issue but make sure she does not snack...Ohhhh OK so what the heck. Keep up the good work

  2. I did this for quite awhile. I'd stuff protein powder into nearly anything I could, until my husband made me read the label on what kind of things were in it that they didn't need...including a derivitive of creatine. is there an organic whey protein that you can buy that "healthy" for kids?