Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Own Fall Tradition: Bonfire and Ice Cream

I do love the Fall.  I swear.  But there is something about it that always bring lots of pressure for me.  I think it's the fact that I can't resist scrolling Facebook and I see so many smiling families picking apples, on hayrides, and doing all kinds of "Fall Activities".  For some reason I just can't get into Apple Picking.  It's such a long drive out there, it's hard to find the right apples, and then they don't taste that great anyway.  But mostly it's because Hubby often has to work on the weekends so it's hard to plan a several hour trip in advance.  Yet I feel like I'm doing my kids such a disservice by not going apple picking.  Will they feel deprived for their entire lives if I don't give them the pleasure of Apple Picking???  

So, last Friday night I had this grand idea that we would go for a family bike ride when Hubby got home from work since it was such a beautiful Fall day.  I even thought we could bring a picnic!  Then life happened.  He got off work late, got stuck in traffic, and was tired after a long day.  So we improvised.  Instead, we ordered pizza and had a bonfire on our back patio.  The kids were beyond thrilled.  Then I decided to treat them to something yummy.  Yes, it would have been ideal if I'd planned ahead and had stuff for S'Mores.  But I had to work all day and I didn't plan ahead so they had to settle for a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream.  They absolutely thought this was the most fun they'd had in weeks.  Poor kids.  I guess they don't get out much.  

So now we have our own new Fall tradition: "Bonfire and ice cream".  I'm sure they won't feel deprived at all.  Right?

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  1. This is wonderful - family time with pizza and ice cream - at home with those you love instead of fighting traffic. Works for me! By the way, I've picked blueberries and peaches - and they cost as much as store bought - it was kinda fun - but it's okay to skip the pasture picking experience for a bonfire and family peace and quiet.

  2. Hey it's family time no matter what you do. OKAY and apple picking is WAYYYY overrated.

  3. Found you on Pinterest....Just wanted to validate your feelings. My 4 kids range from 11 to 21, and one of their favorite activities was to "Make Your Own Happy Meals". It was simply a sack lunch (or dinner - maybe a hot dog) and they would run to their toys and pick out a small toy that would fit in the bag. I would place that toy in the bag, and then they would get to spread out a blanket and eat in the living room while watching a disney movie. (They never got to eat anywhere but the kitchen table.) They would KNOW what toy was in the bag, and yet they were just tickled to pick that toy out of the bag...weird, huh? But to them it was awesome. And that just shows how they don't need the picture-perfect experience, just the "together" experience. You are on the right track. :) I was just talking today to a friend about how the internet has changed mothering. When my kids were little, we didn't have "blogs", and didn't see all of the "perfection" presented for your viewing pleasure:) (Even though they aren't really PERFECT. No one is.) I tell my daughter (my oldest) that when she marries and has babies she needs to stay off of the mommy-blogs. Viewing them is counter-productive, in my opinion. There is enough pressure in motherhood, even without them. (But she probably won't...because they are a valuable source of inspiration, even though they also "mess with your head".)

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