Monday, August 29, 2011

Nap boycott

Oh the afternoon nap.  The blissful time when the kids go to bed and I can eat my lunch quietly while watching my guilty TV for 10 peaceful minutes (Bachelor, Real Housewives, etc.  Yes, I need help these shows are eating my brain).   Or for most moms they can clean, cook, exercise, etc.  I myself HAVE to work during afternoon naps.  If I'm home, it's still part of my workday so the kids HAVE to stay asleep!!  Unfortunately, Munchkin Girl has decided that sleeping is for losers (my words, not hers).

A few months ago she started only taking naps three or four times a week.  Now it's down to 0 or 1.  But it's not all about me.  I really feel like she needs that rest time or she gets so crabby by night time!  It's no fun to have Scott come home from work and have her whining all night.  Plus, the more she cries, the more Little Buddy gets fussy too.  So, I have vowed that she WILL go to her room for 2 hours.  She however, doesn't seem to like this plan.  For several weeks now we (the nanny and I, depending on the day) have fought during naps.  I'll tell her she MUST be quiet.  We have a sticker program too and she does like to earn those stickers, but after awhile, she can't help herself, "Mommy!!!!  I want to be awaaaaaaaaake!!!!"

Sometimes she wakes up Little Buddy too so I really had to do something.  My friend told me about a clock you can get that lights up at certain times.  I did some research and found THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!!!  I'm seriously shocked that I've never heard about it before.  You can set it to light up blue during night and you configure the night however you want it.  I chose 8-7:30am.  Then at 7:30am, it changes to yellow.  That's really great too because she used to wake up around 6:45 and I never knew when.  Now I can watch her in there on her monitor.  She plays until 7:30 and as soon as it turns yellow, "Mommy, it's yellow, good moooorning!!!"

And the naps!  Bliss!!  Again, you can configure it and I did two hours.  Now she is quiet (or moderately quiet.  Sometimes she sings at the top of her lungs, but I figure that is playing by herself, right??) until the clock turns yellow.  It's SOOO wonderful to know that I have a full 2 hour block in the afternoon even if she doesn't nap.  I really recommend this product and you can click here to get to it directly on Amazon!
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