Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What is up with those Crock Pot Girls??

Leftovers Anyone?  Seriously, why do I bother making dinner????  Now begins the long process of cleaning this Pyrex dish.  I guess I should have used a Crock Pot!!  Has anyone heard about this new thing?  They're new to Facebook and have a new website ( and have over 600,000 Facebook followers!  In just 10 days.  That has to be a Facebook record.  They do have a lot of good stuff, but seriously I feel like my Facebook page has been taken over by Crock Pot Girls!!  Good for them though...wish I could cook and start a page like that!!  Probably wouldn't be worth the effort though.  I'm sure Munchkin Girl would still eat about three bites and then say she's full.
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