Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Full is Your Fridge at the End of the Week?

 My Mom came over yesterday and was really laughing at the sight of my fridge at the end of the week:

As you can see, I'm a minimalist.  We have a family of four, with two little kids and I have a LOT of empty fridge space.  I'm wondering if this is seriously strange?  I do try to only buy what I think we'll eat during the week.  I don't even coupon and I only spent $75 at the store last week and I cooked almost every night.  Yet at the same time I probably need to improve because when Hubby comes home early, looking for things to eat and it's outside of meal time, I have to reply with:

1.  I could make you some eggs?
2.  We have yogurt.
3.  We have apples
4.  We have baby carrots
4.  Sorry, we're out of bananas and well I guess almost everything, but I could make you some chicken nuggets? 

I do always keep deli meat and bread, but that's about it.  Am I giant weirdo??
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Oops. You aren't the only one! With a teenager and a 10 yr old that is already taller than his Mom in the house, I think our fridge is more barren before we make it to the grocery! You are in good company :)

    Stopping by from Weekends with Lucy and Sam blog hop and glad to have found you!

    That's What She Said

  3. Our fridge LOOKS full at the end of the week but it doesn't seem to amount to much. One day I'll get that whole meal planning thing down. Until then we'll have to keep running to the store to grab the one thing we're missing (like the bacon this morning). :)


  4. Ours is near empty. Hence, my shoes are on and my hair nearly combed. Going grocery shopping on a Saturday in the rain. Its a mom's life. lol

  5. Our is usually hitting the empty zone at the end of the week excepts for staples. I plan my meals on a weekly basis we have so many awesome farmers markets here it is hard not to take advantage

  6. On a day to day basis I feel like our fridge is TOO full...and then without fail, it's empty and no one can find anything to eat. :-/

  7. I don't think so, at all. I'm envious of your fridge, mine seriously needs cleaning out. lol

  8. Nah.... I think you're about right on track.

  9. nope, that's pretty much the same thing I do here!!!

    i've just awarded you the versatile blogger award

  10. Hey lady!

    Check out my blog when you can. Tagged you in a fun blog game. :)

  11. I do exactly what you do. I generally have pasta stuff on hand at all times to whip up for dinners when I'm not in the mood to put any effort into cooking.