Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes Kids Need a Little TV

Sometimes Kids Need a Little TV
I know this isn't a very popular point of view, and I might get crucified for this, but I feel strongly that sometimes kids just need a little TV.  Let me build you a timeline to illustrate my point:

New Year's Eve
7:00 Normal bedtime
9:30 Bedtime on New Year's Eve (Now I realize I should have probably put them in bed earlier, but I have come a long way in my parenting and I feel that sometimes rules can and should be broken for the benefit of tradition and fun.  It was New Year's Eve after all!)

New Year's Day
7:30 Normal wake time
7:30 Wake time on New Year's Day (If you do the math, you will see that they got 2.5 hours less sleep than normal.  Shame on me.  Bad Mommy.)
9:00 Breakfast is over and we have already had about five meltdowns over things like which color of fork is used with cereal.
10:00 We have done 2 craft projects in an an effort to redirect their naughty behavior.  This method did not work and the meltdowns continue, combined with both children making a valiant effort to irritate the other)
10:30 We bundled up and went outside, again an effort to reduce crying and meltdowns
11:03 After lots more crying, even on the beloved slide, I decided that I gave it a valiant effort and I brought everyone inside to watch an episode of Olivia (on Nick Jr.).  I gave them some apples while they watched and I got to clean up Christmas mess in peace.
11:33  Show is over, kids are in a wonderful mood and we spend the next hour and a half happily playing until naptime.

I'm not saying that TV is always the answer.  It shouldn't be on all morning.  It shouldn't be an alternative to "rest time".  But sometimes TV is the only thing that works and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

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  1. I agree, nothing wrong in tv time sometimes. My children 4 and 6 love watching Mary Poppins and Wizard of OZ and we love watching with them:)

  2. I see nothing wrong here. I'm so thankful my kids are at an age where they love to watch movies because now we get to have family movie nights, and I get just as excited as they do!

  3. I have absolutely no issues with a little television sometimes. Like some of your other comments have said, we enjoy watching movies together and having some chilling out time with a quick show.

  4. I don't know about the kids but mama's need a little TV time.

  5. I totally agree. And some good TV is always a good thing :-)

  6. Wow a 7 P.m. bedtime..How do you do it?.. Ive never heard of anyone I know putting their kids to bed before 8 or 9. My son (now 14) has always been a night owl. His bedtime has always been 10p.m. on school nights. On weekends he would usually be asleep by midnight. The child just never went to sleep early. I know Im a bad mommy , lol. Now that hes a teenager we are having a problem with him staying up all night on the computer and phone and wanting to sleep til 2.p.m. on weekends!!! His bedtime is still 10p.m. on school night. But most night he doesnt go to sleep til 11! I guess its my fault for not putting him to bed earlier when he was little. Live & learn.

  7. TV time is quite common in my home and I'm unashamed to admit. A little Kai Lan goes a long way to quiet a little girl so I can cook dinner without interruption or crispifying everything.

  8. I agree. I think my kids have some wonderful memories of Dora, Blues Clues, Barney and such and are just as smart, happy and well adjusted and any other kids. No apologies for them watching a little tv here and it saved me from losing my mind at least once or twice...;-)