Monday, January 30, 2012

Making Mountains From Egg Cartons

Easy Craft for Preschoolers: Making Mountains from Egg Cartons
We LOVE going to Colorado on vacation.  We go every year and the kids have been several times so the other day we were looking at family pictures ( a favorite activity of the kids) and they saw the mountains and it occurred to me that I could use an old egg carton and they could "make mountains".

First, I cut up the egg carton and then I glued a green piece of paper to some cardboard (for the grass).  You wouldn't really need to do this, you could just use the egg carton, but I had the cardboard and green paper so I figured why not?

Materials needed for preschoolers to make a craft about mountains
Preschooler can use egg carton to make a craft about mountains

Then I gave them some paint and they happily painted their "mountains".  Although I personally HATE to craft, I have found that this sort of thing really directs energy in a positive way and the kids are so proud of their creations so we try to do something like this every day.  I use the small paint containers to minimize mess and they usually don't even get paint on themselves since they're now so used to doing this kind of thing.  Plus, I like to keep it cheap and easy and that's why I like to re-use things like egg cartons and things I find around the house.

Little kids like egg cartons for crafts

When they were finished, they glued some "snow balls" to the grass.  Again, this part isn't really necessary, but they thought it was fun and were very proud of their mountains!

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  1. That's a great craft project. My kid hasn't painted in a while, this is something new for her to make. Activities like that really do enhance our kids' creativity.

  2. Love the colorful snowballs! Great craft. The Colorado mountains are spectacular.

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    I always enjoy reading your blog:)


  4. Oooo, those are really cute!
    Derm Deals

  5. Thanks for the great idea :) As a very 'non-crafty' parent, posts like these really help as I have a set of twin boys who love dabbling with the creative.

  6. Cute idea - and goes so well with your vacation. I can see learning experiences...

  7. Fun idea, it's great to see the imagination come alive when you turn such an ordinary thing into something else. Thanks for sharing on MOnday Madness.

  8. What a perfectly simple and fun activity :) Thanks for sharing this with us at Sharing Saturday.