Monday, February 20, 2012

A fun Alternative to Eating Out

A Fun Alternative to Eating Out: Making Pizza

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Going out to dinner with little kids just really isn't that fun.  It always SOUNDS like a good idea, but then when you get there, you have to order the second you sit down, you never get to actually finish your dinner because you're so busy corralling everyone and handing out crayons, and inevitably you leave a huge mess, which makes you feel terrible.  So last Sunday, we decided to try something a little different for some quality family time.  We made our own pizzas!  I don't really love letting the kids make MY meal because I'm a bit of a germ freak, so this was perfect.  They each made their own and we made our own.  Then we all at them together.

First, we spread the pizza sauce:

cooking with kids, toddler making his own food, fun alternative to eating out

Then we spread the cheese. 

eating out with kids isn't fun, kids making pizza, fun family activity

The only problem with this plan was that they were both ready to eat the pizzas immediately after we made them.  They had trouble understand they had to be COOKED first.  We had about ten frantic minutes, with Little Buddy yelling, "Ready?  Mommy?  Ready????"

I think the next time we might have to make them earlier in the day, when they aren't ravenous.

Still, it all turned out to be very fun and they really enjoyed eating what they'd made!

making pizza at home is a good alternative to eating out

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  1. We make english muffin pizzas here. Just as delicious and fun-sized too!

  2. I've been meaning to do this with my kiddos. Thanks for the reminder... I'm sure it will be a big hit!

    Oh, and I totally know what you mean about going out to eat with the kids. It always sounds like such a great idea, until the chaos starts and I end up only eating half my meal and I couldn't even taste what I did eat because I was so preoccupied with helping/coralling the kids.

  3. My daughter loves to make pizzas at home! And it definitely is more relaxing than going out with kids.

  4. I have done this with my little one and she loves it. But dang I really do miss going out to dinner

  5. That's the problem with kids, they have no concept of time and 10 minutes might as well be 10 years! Love this..interestingly I wrote a post this week about eating out with toddlers, but I shall definitely try this!

    Thanks for linking to Family Frolics.