Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt

A Fun Tradition for Little Kids: A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

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Hubby really does have good ideas sometimes.  He remembers when he was growing up and every Valentines Day his Mom would have a scavenger hunt and he really wanted us to do it this year.  Luckily for us, I'm a sleep-deprived dingbat (see previous post on this subject haha) and we forgot to give them some of their Christmas presents, so we had a great prize for the end of the hunt. 

I just put a clue under her doll pillow to start and from there each clue sent her to a new place.  Little Bro tagged behind.

Next clue, under Lego Table

Finally!  Found the chairs!  So excited!!!!

Tradition of little kids finding toys on Valentines Day with a Scavenger Hunt

And at last, making sure all the Princesses were represented equally. 

We did enjoy this game a lot and will try to make it a Valentines Day tradition.  Knowing me, I'm sure I'll keep forgetting Christmas presents every year, so it shouldn't be a problem! 
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  1. That's a really nice idea. I may steal it in the future. :)

  2. That is a fun idea and could work for any holiday : 0 )

  3. Wish I would have seen this earlier today!! I gave the boys a little late Valentines Present this would have been fun to have them find it!!

  4. I love that you spread out her gifts!