Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Kids Crack Me Up Sometimes

Having kids is really fun sometimes.  Don't get me wrong.  We don't laugh every second of every day, but sometimes they really are funny.  I've been writing down some of my favorites lately:

1.  Mommy, my potty is coming out sooooo fast!!!  (She was very proud)
2.  Mommy, you ALWAYS wear jeans! (It's true, I do.)
3.  Mommy, this guy looks funny with his hair sticking up like that! (She was referring to a picture of Conan.  Keep in mind she simply found the magazine sitting on the table so her comment was totally unprompted by me.  Frankly though, she's right.  His hair is completely absurd)
4.  Mommy, I need some Goldfish it the car!  If I don't eat, I'll get too skinny!
5.  Mommy, your shirt is on inside out! (And it was.  I'm glad she noticed)
6.  Mommy, is Carter coming with us to the beach?  Oh good, then I'll have someone to play with!

My personal favorites:

7.  Carter is the cutest thing ever!
8.  God Bless everyone in the whole wide world!

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  1. It's amusing how kids can be effortlessly funny! Their quips are like sunshine on a rainy day.

  2. Aww those were sweet :) My two year old recently told his bottom while sitting on the potty "Come on, go poo poo quickly, I have to go play!" :)

  3. Kids say the darnedest things and the most truthful. They are so innocent at this age.

  4. Love the I'll get too skinny bit. I think I might have to remember that one when I see another chocolate strawberry.

  5. Kids are so perceptive at times.

    And I wished I worried about getting too skinny! :)

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