Saturday, May 5, 2012

Packing for trips and Other Life Mysteries

One Mom's Life Mysteries: Packing for Trips with Little Kids and More...

We are leaving soon for Florida (Yipeee!) so I am in the throes of packing and preparing for our trip.  During this, I have uncovered a mystery.  My list never seems to end.  I literally feel that if  just kept this list going forever, I would never stop thinking of things to bring with us on vacation.  How can that be?  Surely there is a limit to how much we will need when we are in Florida for a week, so it's a mystery to me that I will still wake up in the middle of the night think, "DVD Charger!".

Since I have so much free time (Ha!), this led me to think of a few of the other mysteries of life: 

  • Why do kids always wait until fully strapped into the car seat before realizing they have to pee?
  • Why will I carry everything from the car, including a backpack, a lunchbox, a computer, my purse, my iPad, shopping bags, blankies AND a kid on my hip, just so I don't have to make two trips?  Would making two trips really so bad?
  • Why is it always so tempting to check my phone when I hear that familiar ding of an email or text?  Why it is so much more interesting than what I am currently doing?
  • How is it that I can adore my life, my kids, and my friends, yet when I look at Facebook, I always feel the familiar pang of, "Are they having more fun than I am?  Why didn't I get invited to that party?"   I swear, I wouldn't change a thing about my life, but Facebook does strange things to people.
  • They say that the definition of crazy is repeating the same behavior over and over again.  Does that make my children certifiably insane?  Because I counted and I heard them repeat, "Mommy" 156 times yesterday, even though I was clearly busy and was unable to answer, yet they thought it was worth repeating over and over again.  My two year old says "Why" about 302 times per day.  I'm not exaggerating.
  • Why are little boys so yucky?  My son (2) always wakes up sticky and smelly, no matter how many baths I give him.  Yet my daughter (4) always wakes up fresh as a daisy! 
  • Why does a siren always sound so much like a crying baby?  My kids rarely wake up in the middle of the night crying anymore, yet every time I hear a siren, I sit straight up with my heart pounding.  It really is a very similar sound!
Well, the point is, hopefully I remember everything for our trip.  If you have any advice, feel free to share! (We do plan to go to Disney for one day, so I really would appreciate any advice!)

PS...When I get back, I do plan to summarize my list of what I ended up packing and needing to think about, in case it might help you one day so stay tuned (Haha, I'm sure you will be on pins and needles! :-)) 

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  1. I do exactly the same thing when we pack for holiday. I have a mystery to add to your list: why do kids always stop in an open doorway generally when you are behind them trying to make it inside with a thousand bags!

  2. Ditto here I always over pack and we end up taking some much crap I feel like the Swiss Family Robinson. Have fun in FL and the wonderful weather. We are having a pre summer heat wave by my casa plastic pool already being used. Have a safe trip

  3. BTW yesterday was the same at my casa crazy my lovely GG repeated mommy 550 times before I totally exploded. Why doesn't she do that with daddy?

  4. I hear you with facebook. People like to showcase the great and hide the bad on facebook. I'm pretty sure I'm guilty of this too.

  5. Have a GREAT trip!! (Are we there yet?)

  6. I am a grandma now :) But when my sons were young and saying "mommy mommy mommy mommy..." endlessly, I would say "Stop mom-ing me" or "I'm ignoring you on purpose!!!" lol

  7. oh haha that is too funny!! I've done or thought so many of those things on your list!!!

  8. This is my first time on your blog, but not sure if you have been to disney world, but.... (we went this past fall) if you go to Magic Kingdom, you can get a fast pass for a ride (or parent pass - check it out...) you can only have one fast pass at time w/ the exception of meeting Mickey/Minnie or the disney princesses. When you walk in they are on your right side in the old town building... (My kids loved meeting Mickey and Minnie...) Just a thought. Enjoy!

  9. tia - mommy secrets
    packing for a trip is always the same! each time i say, "this time i am going to pack light! there is no need for so much stuff!" but, as we finish the packing and struggle to zip up the suitcases, i realized that i have done it yet again! over packed! i guess that's what vacations and kids is all about!
    thanks for the post!