Monday, January 28, 2013

Mommy, Why is Daddy Never Here??

Isn't it funny (and a little scary) how every good memoir is based largely on the childhood of the main character?  A bad set of parents can elicit some of the most wonderful and poignant memoirs (such as The Glass Castle: A Memoir, Driving with Dead People: A Memoir etc).  And yet no one wants to be those bad parents, even though interesting children are always a bonus.

Which leads me to wonder what our kids will say about how they were raised.  There are a few things I know for sure: they won't say we abused them, they will say their Mom was always forgetting things and most likely they'll say their Dad was gone a lot.

Sadly, Hubby is an orthopedic surgery resident and has been gone a lot lately.  In fact, he hasn't seen the kids in almost a week.  Granted, he's been traveling on fellowship interviews as well as working, so it's a little more crazy than usual, but you can only imagine how I felt when my daughter said, "Mommy, why doesn't Daddy come home anymore?"

I explained how he has to work a lot since he's a doctor and helps fix people's bones.  She was very thoughtful for a few minutes and finally said, "Mommy, I'm really glad for the people that Daddy helps, but I'm just sad that he has to be a Doctor.  Can't he be a policeman or sell stuff like you?"

Tears sprang to my eyes...both from sadness but also from joy about what a thoughtful and sweet little girl I have. I feel like that is pretty insightful for a four year old.  And I have to admit that I share her's hard to be thankful that your husband is a doctor when he's gone all the time.  Granted, he's still a resident and everyone knows those hours are hellacious, but sometimes you wonder if there is any light at the end of the tunnel.  I did my best to explain that policemen have to work a lot too and how much her Daddy loves her, and to Daddy's credit, he does his very best to be home when he can and call when he can't.  And, I'm happy to report that tonight Daddy made it home just in time to kiss the kids to bed tonight so it wasn't a full week that passed without him seeing them.  Thank God for small miracles. 
I also want to say how much I appreciate you readers and your comments.  I have gotten really busy with my job again so it's been hard to keep up this blog.  Your comments really keep me going so THANK YOU!!!

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  1. It's such a sacrifice for someone to become a doctor - but a much needed profession. Someday your children will understand. It's incredible how long the hours are. Glad your children have such a fun mom!

  2. Well, Katie, if he's interviewing for fellowships, he's in the home stretch (plus, he'll be making a little more money). Do you think you're going to have to move?

    I'm thinking your hubby's specialty is one that will allow for semi-normal business hours, right? I admire your tenacity in this situation (being the sole parent a lot of the time). I'd go batty if my husband had longer hours!!