Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Fun Indoor Games to Burn Energy

If you never see another post from me again, it's because I've gone crazy and I'm locked away in an insane asylum.  Seriously, is this winter even going to end?!?  I just want to go to the pool with a cold lemonade (or adult beverage) and some pool toys, is that too much to ask?  I do find though, that if I just give in and try to have fun with the kids, time goes much faster, especially in the evenings.  So we do try to make our fun, even if it inside, and here is a list of our favorite indoor games to pass the time and burn energy:

  1. Hide the Blueberries....sounds strange but the kids sure enjoy it....
  2. Ring around the rosy:  I find this to be a rather morbid game, because did you know that the kids during the plague used to sing it, and it actually about all the people dying?  They would put a pocket full of posies around them to help with the smell...and the ashes were related to the fact that they burned people to try to decontaminate and stop the plague.  But of course, the kids don't know that!! :-)  They are happy to do this over and over again and they giggle hysterically every time we "fall down".
  3. The Monster Mash: I don't know why, but my kids adore this song.  We turn it on and they dance around and beg me to dance with them.  Sometimes I put it on repeat and they do four or five songs in a row!
  4. Jumping on a Mattress:  Nothing gets energy out like jumping on a mattress, or as we call it, a trampoline.  We put an old one in the basement and it gets used a lot.
  5. Hotter, Colder: Hide something while the kids have their eyes closed and then they try to find it.  Tell them when they're getting "hotter" and when they are getting "colder".  I loved this game when I was a kid and I bet if you add up all the time I spent playing this in life I could have gotten an undergrad degree in it.
  6. Hide and Seek:  It's interesting because one year ago, this is how my daughter hid when she played  this game.  She was three then and she shrieked and giggled the whole time, making it quite easy to find her.  We played it again last night and I swear it took me several minutes to find her.  It turned out she was hiding under my office, behind a chair and didn't make a sound.  She's really growing up!

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  1. I just laughed out loud in my quiet office like a crazy person when I saw the couch cushion hiding spot. Awesome! :)

  2. So cute. Love the games! Burning off the energy sure beats watching tv.

  3. These are such adorable options, loved the last picture.

  4. We have jump on the mattress day every Monday when I change sheets! The both look so forward to that day!

  5. Great ideas!! I totally feel you...ready for spring over here...these boys are driving me INSANE!!