Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More Fun With Science and Vinegar

I have officially found something that Little Buddy (2 and a half) never grows tired of.  Vinegar and Baking Soda.  We've done this before, but not for a long time and I think he's the perfect age to truly be fascinated by it.  I just took our foil tins and sprinkled some baking soda on the bottom.  Then I mixed up a small bowl with some vinegar and a little bit of green paint (had to stir pretty vigorously for it to actually mix together) and then I gave him a small eye dropper.  Then I came back an hour later.

Kidding.  I supervised of course, but this kid was literally thrilled with this and did it for over an hour.  I had to change it out a few times and we went through quite a bit of vinegar, but it was totally worth it.  You could almost see his little brain working as he watched the fizzle:

He begged me to do it again a few days later and this time I ended up giving him purple too, just to prolong the experience.  Then he was really interested to watch the colors blend together and big Sister even started her own game of mixing paint together to see what happened.

Thanks again so much for swinging by!  For more ideas on fun science projects with kids and ways to keep them busy, please (oh please) won't you check out my book?

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  1. What a fun and inexpensive way to teach science. I agree to not leave a young child unsupervised while doing this activity - but look at all the time you had to do other things while you were nearby. Great!

  2. My almost 3 year old girl ADORES this!! when we did it the first time I actually was quick enough to take a video and she just kept saying WOW, COOL!, AWESOME! hehe we did it 3 nights in a row and only stopped each night because I ran out of baking soda.. ;) the only deviation from what you did is I used food coloring in the vinegar instead of paint...

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    Megan Cassidy
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