Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Proof that Super-Mom is a Figment of Our Imaginations

The other day my BFF, Dani, sent me a funny article about SuperMoms.  This article defined it as someone who wakes up early to work out, who has a job but still takes care of the kids, and who tries make the kids eat healthy.  There were some other funny ideals, but basically on paper, my friend said this was me.

I wanted to believe her.  It is true that I wake up early to exercise.  But mainly because I'm too cheap to buy new clothes and I'm barely fitting into my current ones.  And yes, I try not to give my kids sweets.  But again, it's selfish.  It's because I don't want them begging me for sweets all the time so it's just easier to avoid the topic all together.  And yes, I do have a full-time job and manage to keep it all together.  But it's a struggle and it sure ain't pretty.

But one day recently, I was having a Super-Mom kind of day.  I woke up early, knocked out a bunch of emails, had a great work-out, and showered, all before my kids woke up.  Then I had a morning where I didn't have to yell at anyone.  I went on to work all day, then I took my kids to the park and did my husband's laundry so he'd be ready for his next trip.

Lastly, I started to make dinner and was really feeling good about myself.  What a day!  I checked the timer on my home-made meal and I yelled (sweetly for once) to my kids that dinner was almost ready (hubby wasn't home yet of course).  I opened the oven door and was thoroughly confused when I was greeted with cold air.  What the heck???

Turns out that "Super-Mom" set the timer, but forgot to actually turn on the oven.  My lovely casserole had been sitting in the cold oven for 40 minutes.  The kids started fighting about some stupid toy and my perfect day was over.  Oh well, I gave it a good run.  I laughed and pulled out the chicken nuggets and canned peaches.  Super-Mom theory debunked.  It turns out we're all human.  I slept in the next day and relished every second my extra sleep.

Thanks again for visiting and commenting!  Work has been crazy and I'm sorry the blog has been lame lately!  Thanks for sticking with me!!
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  1. Ha ha - so true - there are absolutely no SuperMoms. You give it a great run - but reality sets in. That's why I love your blog - it's REAL. Have a wonderful day!

  2. SuperMom doesn't exist and I gave up trying a long time ago. Sometimes I also have days like you. Things seem to be going just perfect. Then other days I feel like I'm in a flat spin from the moment I wake up. That is just life! We do our best and that makes us super! ;-)