Thursday, June 11, 2015

5 Absurd Things that Make Me Feel Guilty

Mom guilt is real.  I thought for sure it would disappear once I quit working.  It turns out I was wrong.  I still have guilt, but now it's totally irrational.  Here are 5 absurd things that make me feel guilty:
  1. Putting the kids to bed on time.  I always hear these parents say, "I just couldn't bring myself to put them to bed because we were all having such a great time!"  I'm sorry, but I NEVER feel remotely tempted to keep them awake. In fact, the prospect of some alone time with just "big kids" makes me feel giddy.  And I feel guilty about that.  
  2. Working on "home stuff".  We are moving across the country later this summer and the other day I spent several hours researching moving company reviews on Yelp, Angies List, etc.  The kids were perfectly happy with the activities I had given them, and yet I felt guilty for ignoring them for most of the morning.  Yet, what is the alternative?  I could NOT research moving companies and end up with half our stuff missing or broken during our move.  Obviously that would be worse, right?
  3. Making them do chores.  I know it's good for them.  I don't want them to end up as entitled little brats, but sometimes when they're playing happily and peacefully together, it makes me feel so mean to interrupt them to do chores.  Plus, they look so forlorn when I say they have to clean up their rooms before they can go outside and play.  Yet, it's totally silly because of me because of course we need to feed the dog, clean up before Daddy gets home, and clean up rooms.  And it has to happen sometime.
  4. Not letting them eat Pop-Tarts and junk food.  I got to eat junk food when I was a kid.  Not a lot, but definitely more than I let my kids eat.  They are 5 and 6 and just got to have the ice cream truck for the first time last week.  I know rationally this is healthier for them, but sometimes I feel a little ounce of guilt for not letting them enjoy junk food more often.
  5. Not letting them go to Chuck-E-Cheese's.  They beg me.  And beg me.  And beg me to go to Chuck-E-Cheese.  And I don't let them, mostly because I can't face it.  The germs, the noise, the food.  I avoid the whole scene, and again, for that I feel guilty.  
What about you?  Do you struggle with Mom guilt?  What are your triggers?

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  1. I think we wall experience 'Mom guilt' for some absurd reasons. I enjoyed reading yours. My parents said 'no' until junior high to sugar cereals then let us each pick our own box each time when we went shopping. We ate our fill. That junior high indulgence was enough for a lifetime. I no longer like sugar cereal. Our kids have not tried it.

    1. Oh good, glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't let their kids have sugar cereal! :-) Thanks for visiting!!