Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gender Confusion

Gender Confusion: When Siblings Copy Each Other

Little Buddy LOVES his big sister.  Sometimes she hugs him a little too hard.  Sometimes she pushes him when he tries to get her special toys.  But the the vast majority of the time his eyes lovingly follow her wherever she goes.  When they were younger, this was mostly adorable and we would laugh.  As they've gotten older though, it's become a bit of a problem.

Take yesterday.  Munchkin Girl gets a sticker every time she sleeps all night without waking us up.  She used to wake us up to literally play with her.  Or she'd remember a doll she left downstairs and want us to go get it for her at 2am.  Thus the creation of the sticker program, which has been great!  However, yesterday, I told her it was time to get a sticker.  Little Buddy isn't saying much yet so I keep making the mistake of thinking he doesn't understand quite everything I say.  I'm wrong.  He understands EVERYTHING!!

After Munchkin Girl got to pick out her sticker and put it on the fridge, he came over and started grunting at me and pointing at the stickers.  Even started stomping his feet.  I pulled off a sticker and handed it to him.  He went over the fridge with it, and pointed and grunted at Little Munchkin's sticker chart. 

"Hey Mom, he didn't sleep all night, he doesn't get a sticker, does he???" 

Conundrum.  He DID sleep all night.  In fact, he always sleeps all night.  Is he really getting this?  Does he really want me to put a sticker on the chart for him?  He literally stood there, grunting and whining while holding his sticker and pointing at the fridge.  Out of curiosity, I put it on the chart to see if that was what he wanted.  Sure enough, he grinned ear to ear, smiled at Munchkin Girl in delight, and walked away to find something else to do.  He's 17 months, so this was pretty shocking that understood this much and wanted to emulate Munchkin Girl this much. 

Sooo...., this brings me to the real issue at hand.  He is slightly obssessed with purses.  And earrings.  And teasets.

Let's go, Mom!  Got my purse and I'm all set to get in the car!

Don't miss the giant pretend earing he is wearing.  He FORCED me to put it on.  I swear.  Again, a lot of grunting and whining while holding the earing until I caved and clamped that earing on his little ear.  He wore it all during dinner.

Despite all this, he is ALL boy.  He romps in the mud, plays in sprinklers, his first word was "Ball".  Hubby is slighly upset by this whole obsession with Little Munchkin's things.  Everytime he carries a purse around, Hubby gets a little exasperated and starts kicking a ball at him with almost a bit of OCD behanior if you ask me, trying to entice him to drop his purse and start playing soccer.

But my theory is that he just wants to be like his big sister.  He LOVES her and watche her play with these things every day and he thinks that is just what people do.  Don't get me wrong though.  If pink turns out to be his favorite color, we will still loves him just as much!! :-)
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  1. Aw, such a cute story about the chart! I can totally see my 16 month old boy doing the same thing. I love the sticker chart idea. My little girl won't stay in her bed all night so maybe I'll try this on her.

  2. Haha - It looks to me like he is quite secure in himself:)