Friday, December 23, 2011

Confessions of the Fashion-Challenged

Hubby and I always struggle with gifts for each other.  The problem is that I can never come up with anything I want and I'm cheap and don't want us spending a lot of money.  Hubby on the other hand has all kinds of ideas for himself so he's always pushing me to come up with something, anything that he can get for me. 

This year I found it.

I was out shopping and saw a girl with an awesome purse.  I don't know about you, but I HATE it when I reach down to pick up a kid and my purse falls off my shoulder, slings the kid right in the face and practically jars my shoulder out of socket.

Thus, I really enjoy over the shoulder bags.  For one of the first times in my life, I experienced fashion envy.  This girl wore her bag over her shoulder and it looked really comfy but it also was nice and elegant.  I texted Hubby and he told me to look up where he could find it.

I rushed home turns out I have expensive taste.  It turns out Marc Jacobs is some famous designer.  Who knew?  I really should have paid more attention in college to the important things, like fashion and handbags.

My frugality will never allow myself to accept a bag for $500 so I'm back to bath salts.  But hey, I like bath salts so I'm happy and that's all that matters, right??

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  1. I bet there are nice over the shoulder bags for less than $500. Maybe Target??

    I just about took out my daughter the other day with my breastpump in similar falling off shoulder fashion. Nothing like a bag with a motor/freezer in it to give your daughter a concussion, right?

  2. This is a nice purse but I'm like you Marc who?

  3. That is a lot, but once in a great while, a splurge is super sweet. Hugs and Merry Christmas! :O)

  4. Found you through friend and follow.

    I hate it when my purse falls down too. I always thought it was because I have slopey shoulders.

  5. I'm fashion-challanged and love shoulder bags as well!

    I'm a new follower from the Hop Along Friday Hop. Feel free to come by my blog and if you like, follow back. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes

  6. Monday is the best day for sales! I'm looking for a new shoulder bag. My last one cost $70 at Sam Moon's, nice leather work, and has lasted 7 years. That's $10 a year and still looks good on the outside. I had a VW in college that cost less than that $500 handbag. Find a babysitter and go shopping Monday by yourself for your gift. That way the kids won't get black eyes while you sling bags around. Dillards and Macey's have great handbags, in my humble glamorless opinion. I have no idea what is in style but my closet is packed already. TMI. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  7. Thanks for your support! Merry Christmas to you!!!

  8. BTW--Love your blog! Two toddlers and you're married to a surgical resident? That's like being a single parent for 4 years!

  9. £500 is a wee decadent eh? My mate swears by forever 21 if you have one in your town pop on around and I'm sure you can find a nice shoulder bag for £30 dollars a pop.

  10. My husband and I struggle with the same issues at Christmas. However he always seems to know what I need even though I cannot decide. Mery Christmas.

  11. I know it can be really hard sometimes :(


  12. I found the cutest website with magnet necklaces for mom and daughter. I just bought a set for daughter Becky and me to wear on mom’s day! That will be fun. They have these red hearts with plastic ladybugs glued on them. They are held to the necklace with magnets. Loved the designs. Well, happy mother’s day to all the moms.
    Shirl Hinkle