Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's Not Christmas Without Burned Cookies

Every year our Christmas tradition is baking cookies and decorating them with icing and sprinkles.  It started with my Grandma and now that she's passed, we started it this year with my daughter, who is three and a half.  She was so excited you would have thought she won the lottery.  Things were going well at first. 

After a few batches, my daughter started to lose interest so we moved on to peanut butter balls and let her get down and play with her dolls.  We started to melt chocolate on the stove.  I turned to my Mom and said, "I feel like this chocolate is burning."

She replied and I quote, "Nah, I'm sure it's just that a little water got spilled on the burner."

Well, and hour or so passed, the peanut butter balls were almost done and suddenly...smoke started POURING from the oven. 

"Oh, I guess I know what we've been smelling now," my Mom says and starts laughing hysterically.  "I forgot to set the timer for the last batch." 

This is what she pulls from the oven:

These are NOT chocolate cookies.  They were supposed to be your standard sugar cookie, with a light tan color.  Now they are cooling outside after my daughter said, "Mommy, it smells kind of funny in here."

But the truth is, I was delighted by these events.  When I was growing up, we almost never got through a Christmas without burned cookies.  It's just the way my Mom is and it works for us.  In fact, I texted my brothers and they were so mad they missed the yearly burned cookie event!  They were hoping it wouldn't happen until we were all together.  Truthfully I thought my Mom had finally grown out of this burning cookie phase in her life, but I'm glad she hasn't!  It's a fun tradition to pass on.  The other batches are always delicious!
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  1. Found you from the blog hop. I'm a full time working mommy with a 3 month old.

    Looking forward to reading your stories.

    And we are making peanut butter balls for Christmas this year too. They are the best, even if my thighs don't agree! :)

  2. "Mommy, it smells kinda funny in here" hahaha! Love that :) Hey, I'm always buring somethin' around here... hubby eats it anyway :)
    New follower here from Give a Hoot Hop :)

  3. Your mom and I seem to have something in common. I have a tendency to burn things too. Yeah...we're pretty used to the smell.

    What a fun tradition, too. I'm such a sucker for tradition.

  4. This burned cookies will all the more make your Christmases memorable for your kids. :-))

    Merry Christmas.

  5. This is a tradition in our home just wouldn't be the same if at least one batch of Christmas cookies are not burned! lol

  6. Hello! Popping in from the blog hop today and now following! I'm VERY challenged in the baking dept. and christmas cookies just stress me out. I can relate to the burnt cookies! LOL!

  7. oh yes, i can totally relate. it doesn't even matter if there is a holiday involved when it comes to me and baking. burnt cookies are all too commonplace.

  8. Ooo - the small of burnt cookies lingers around for hours...

    A couple of days ago...I was tired and wanted to make some quick cookies. I used the 16-count bag of Duncan Hines (I think) cookie mix. It calls for 1 TB of butter but I was tired, so I put in 1 STICK. I smelled the burning coming shortly after putting in the oven. I looked in and the cookies were soupy and had ran all over the cookie sheet. Some burned like crispy pancakes.

    Have a great holiday!

    Im stopping by from Favorite Things Thursday.

  9. We go to our friend's coolkie baking party every year and it's the most delicious time of the season! Happy Holidays.

  10. Ha! how true..the thing about those cookies.. you have to stay in the kitchen and practically watch them bake..and when you have kids you are baking those cookies for..who has time for that?! they alwasy burn!

  11. giggle, now it's Christmas! LOL Thank you for linking up today xo

  12. Hahahaha... I forgot that my mom does this too!

  13. I've burned so many cookies I can't remember. It's funny how little things like that can become a tradition!

  14. OMG! I love the cookies! The only time my mom made cookies was at Christmas, and I'm sure they weren't perfect, but that's not what it's all about, right?