Thursday, December 1, 2011

Competition for Best Post by a Mommy Blogger

Calling all Mommy Bloggers!  Back by popular demand...Competition for Best Post!  This contest was a huge hit in September.  I received dozens of quality entries and in the end I selected What's Up Sippy Cup for their hilarious story about their daughter's purple chin and the reason behind it. 

After the last competition, I received tons of requests for another one, so as promised, this contest will be now be called the "Blue Ribbon Blog Competition" and I will now offer it four times per year, one for each season.  The Winter 2011 contest will be open from December 1st - December 19th.  The Fall contest was open only to humorous posts and/or stories.  The Winter contest is for any informative posts.  It can be informative because it's about crafts, cooking, or simply a life lesson.  The rules are simple:

1.  Send me an email ( or comment to this post with a direct link to your favorite post that is informative.  It can be something you wrote in the past, and should be informative and less than 500 words.  (I won't be too particular about the word count)
2.  You must be a follower via GFC (this will be checked)

I will select a winner and a runner-up and they will both receive buttons to place on their blogs to brag about being the winner of the Blue Ribbon Blog Award for Winter 2011!  I will also post the actual the winning entry along with a bio of the winner.  The results will also be posted via Twitter and BlogFrog for maximum exposure.  This is a great way to get some recognition for your blog!

I am looking forward to reading all the great entries!!

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  1. YEAY! FUN! I'm going to submit this one...

    A tutorial on how to get melted crayon out of clothes. Chalked full of personal experience and everything. :)

  2. This is a great idea!

    I thought I had a picky eater...I realized I was overfeeding!!

  3. Hi,

    Found your blog through Bloggy Moms - great idea with the contest.

    I'm in!

    Following you now.

  4. I would love to throw my hat in the ring. This week's post is, "Unwrapping Jesus" {inspired by the Faith Barista & compliments of my daughter} I hope you are touched by it,


  5. great idea.I just made anew post."a gift never forgotten" tells about the gift i got when i was a kid that i still kept until now.i hope you like it.

    happy holidays!

  6. Love the idea! Link to the post I'd love to submit: