Sunday, December 4, 2011

Out to Dinner with the Kids and the Old Folks

When Munchkin Girl was little, I would have preferred to poke out my own eyeballs rather than go out to dinner with her.  She yelled, she squirmed, she kicked, and of course she wouldn't eat a thing, even after we paid $5 for her grilled cheese.

At three and a half, she now begs us to "go to a restaurant" so last night Hubby and I decided to treat the kids to dinner out.  We arrived at 5:15, which seemed reasonable because we like to get Little Buddy in bed by 7.  However, as we looked around the almost empty restaurant, I couldn't help laughing.  We have now beaten even the old folks to the restaurant.  They started streaming in around 5:45, and by that point we already had the Crayons out, Cheerios all over the floor, torn napkins strewn all about the table and Hubby and I were wolfing down our burgers.  By 6:00 we asked for the check and boom!  In and out in less than an hour, just as the old folks were sitting down to their meals.  It's an odd feeling since it doesn't seem that long ago that we were in college and ordering pizza at 2am. 

Right as we were getting ready to leave, I said to Hubby, "Going out to dinner with the kids might be slightly crazy, but at least Little Buddy is way better at restaurants than she ever was at this age."

Daddy nodded and smiled at Munchkin Girl.  "Absolutely," he said.  "No doubt about that."

At that moment, she looked up, "Daddy, I have to go poooooop."

Hubby acted like she was suddenly on fire.  He practically threw her in my arms.  "That sounds like a great job for Mommy," he said.   I think Hubby is allergic to taking Munchkin Girl to poop on the big girl toilet.

We both laughed.  Some things never change.  Munchkin Girl still didn't eat her dinner, and even though she only poops once every couple of days, of COURSE she would choose to poop at a restaurant where they have one small bathroom.  Yes, going out to dinner is still hassle, but it sure is fun now.  

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  1. Ha ha...I used to FREAK out when my kids had to use the bathroom in public. Like...I would literally break out in a sweat.

    Now...I just send them on in and pray that they wont catch anything horrible.

    One nice thing about having four boys?....when they just have to go #1...they can stand. It's awesome!

  2. following from

  3. Oh the things we do to have a peaceful meal! LOL I'm your newest follower from 99%! Hope you'll come check out my blogs too!

  4. ahaha when little buddy gets bigger it'll be daddy's turn.
    It used to be such a chore showing the lil ones how to use a public bathroom. Trying to tell them that germs are on Everything didn't help. I would have to wash their hands 2-3 times before we left making sure they wouldn't touch their face after they touched something else.
    As far as the behaviour in the restaurant, I think I lucked out with my first 3, my fourth isn't as terrible as I've seen but we don't go out that much right now ;)

  5. following from the Monday Hop btw

  6. So we traveled a lot for my hubby's job and had our fair share of restaurants with our kids. The underside of our table always looked like shrapnel left over from war between a hot dog and chicken nuggets.

    The battle at the table was always fun too, trying to keep whichever child was in the high chair actually in it instead of wandering around making cute faces at the people not interested in having cute faces made at them through their bites of dinner.

    There was so much weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth--the latter being me and my husband masticating our food as fast as possible so we could just get the heck outta there. So feel your pain.

  7. Hahaha I really liked this post. It made me remember when my son was a toddler. We didn't like to take him out to restaurants either. He wouldn't eat (we even packed PB&J) and was constantly doing everything he could to win the attention of the family at the next table. Ahhh those were the days. I am a new fan of your blog.


  8. always....and when there is only one little bathroom and you and your daughter are finished there is a line of people waiting! augh!
    i am a new folllow from the blog hop.