Monday, June 25, 2012

Easy Craft: Paper Tissue Flowers

Easy Craft for Preschoolers: Make Tissue Paper Flowers

If you want to thrill a 3 year old girl, let her make some paper flowers and then leave them on the table for a centerpiece!  We did this last week and Munchkin Girl even used them for her tea party with her dolls.  I heard her telling them, "You see, if you want to make a flower, you just pull this here and here.  It's really easy.  Don't worry...You can do it later, when you get bigger."

For this project, you need to buy some flower wire from Hobby Lobby.  Other than that, all you need is tissue paper.  First, you will to cut down a piece of tissue paper into a bunch of squares (probably about 12 inch by 12 inch).  Depending on your child's age, you might have to do this part yourself.  Then you will fold it over itself several times until it is a long skinny rectangle.  Then you will wrap the wire around the middle and around itself.

things to do with little kids include making paper flowers

Now you can give it to your child and have her pull the pieces apart.  They have to slowly peel them apart one by one.  This takes a lot of concentration and was great for working on her fine motor skill, which as I've learned is what makes kids ready to write later.  It also makes it prettier if you snip off the end before you start, into a circle or something fun, to give the flower more texture.

preschooler makes flowers from tissue paper for easy craft

And now, the finished product...I do realize this might seem confusing and weird, but it really is fun if you can figure it out.  To help you, I made a video.  Just click the photo below and it will take you to the video where you can see step-by-step instructions.  

As you all probably know by now, my baby-sitter is a miracle worker.  She took our paper flowers a step further and I asked if I could share it with you.  She also makes roses from crepe paper.  This isn't really something that little kids can help with, but if you have that creative gene, you might enjoy doing this part too and then it makes for an even cooler centerpiece when you add them all together.  For this part you will use crepe paper instead of tissue paper.  Ins't that amazing that the roses below are made of paper??  Just click the photo below and it will take you to the video on how to make these paper roses.

I sure wish I could say that I'm one one in that video, making those superb roses.  But alas, I'm not a magician.  I'm just a Mom with zero artistic skill.  If you are like me, my advice to you is to stick to the easy ones.  If you are brave enough to try the fancy roses, send me a picture...just because I can't do the art doesn't mean I can't appreciate it!

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  1. "I'm just a Mom with zero artistic skill"

    I'm a member of that club too :) My 9 year old daughter LOVES stuff like this so I am pining it for her. Thank you!

  2. Loved these as a kid and they turn out so beautiful!