Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kids Really Can Entertain Themselves if You Let Them

Kids Really Can Entertain Themselves if You Just Get Out of Their Way
I read a very wise book one time.  It was something about cleaning houses for dummies, which is right up my alley.  In this book, it said that if your husband gets in a cleaning mood, don't get in his way.  Don't argue with him about how you try the best you can it's insulting how he thinks the closet needs to be cleaned out in the first place.  Instead, embrace it and allow him to do it.  That way, you get a clean closet and a happy husband at the same time.

I am realizing that this applies to kids too.  We had so much fun doing our egg carton boat experiment that Munchkin Girl has been begging me to do it again.  So, the other day when Little Buddy went down for a nap, I got out the tupperware container and we filled it with water again.  However, this time, she asked for a towel, which I thought she was going to use to dry off her arms.  Instead, she promptly threw my clean dish towel into the dirty water.  My first reaction was to direct her back to the boats and put my towel in the laundry.  Instead, I realized that we were outside, so it didn't matter one bit whether she got everything wet.  So, I got out of her way and let her use her imagination.  I even timed how long she kept herself busy.  It was literally an hour.  First, she used the towel to wash one of her babies.  Then, she put the towel on the deck and poured water onto it over and over again.  I have no idea why.  I also have no idea whether this held any educational value.  I do know that I got a lot done during that hour and it was very entertaining.

After she got done with cleaning the dolls, then cleaning the towel, I gave her a couple of cups and she did that for another twenty minutes.  She just kept dipping it in the tub and pouring the water back and forth and back and forth.  (You might have noticed that she is now in a new outfit.  She really likes to change her clothes.  Especially when they get even a teensy bit wet).

So, in conclusion, if you want to keep your kid busy for awhile, give her a big tub of water, some cups, a towel, and anything else you don't mind getting wet, and sit back and read a book while they entertain themselves.

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  1. I'm just going to comment on her outfits. Both of them are totally adorable!!

    1. Why thank you Shannon!! She is very into dresses right now...I hope it continues forever! :-)

  2. What is it with kids and water that can keep them busy for hours?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Simon, I don't know what happened! I didn't mean to delete your comment! :-) Thanks so much for visiting...I'm going to try to get it back somehow...

  4. I let my 2.5 year old daughter either stand on a safe chair to "wash" dishes (her play dishes or my already clean dishes). On days when I'm going to wash the floor, I let her play (naked, in panties or a swimsuit) with a big bucket of sudsy water on the kitchen floor. She plays for at LEAST an hour and certainly makes washing the floor easier afterward!

  5. Water play , indoor and out, is a sanity saver in our house too!

  6. Yes, water can keep them entertained for hours! I really should use it more often!