Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The iPad Doesn't Need a Bath

People all say the same thing about Little Buddy.  He is all boy.  That is a nice way of saying, "I hope you don't have any nice items at your house because that little guy is wild and accident-prone and will destroy your house."

Do you see the iPad?  Next to you will see a cup.  This cup is probably the biggest cup we own.  It's HUGE.  It has to hold at least 44 ounces of liquid.  For some reason Hubby thought he would drink this entire cup of water during the night so he left it on the nightstand.  This weekend he was changing his clothes and he heard Little Buddy crying behind him.  He turned around and Little Buddy was holding this cup with all 44 ounces of water and directly underneath Little Buddy was Daddy's $900 iPad.   To his credit, the reason Little Buddy was crying is that he had already spilled just a teensy bit of the water on the iPad and he doesn't like a mess.  He wanted someone to wipe up his mess.  His little lip was quivering and it would have been very cute, but as his body started to shake with his tears, the water from the cup started sloshing around.  Daddy lunged at Little Buddy just in time to save his iPad from getting a very wet bath.

Still, I'm encouraged that he didn't dump the whole thing and laugh.  Right?? 

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1 comment:

  1. I am impressed as well! I can't count how many electronics my little ones have killed and often it was an adults fault for forgetting something or trusting things where put in high places and heaven forbid adults try to shower with the kids awake... LOL

    Happy to see you on the Monday Hop!