Sunday, October 16, 2011

Announcing the Winner of the Funniest Mommy Blog Post

Thanks so much to everyone for sending in all of your hilarious posts!  I really enoyed reading all your stories and being exposed to your wonderful blogs.  If you didn't win, don't despair.  I plan to announce another contest this winter, so stay tuned.  The next contest will be for the best recipe and/or craft.

Today I am going to announce a winner and a runner-up.  The winner will get the code to display the following button on their website:

Without further ado....the winner is...

What's Up Sippy Sup

It was an ordinary evening at our home. My husband had just gotten home from work, I was starting     dinner and our 2 year old was playing with her little pink kitchen set in the room adjacent to our kitchen. How Leave it to Beaver of us, right? Somewhere between flipping the chicken and prepping the veggies, we notice our daughter’s chin is purple! Her entire chin was purple, with little red spots. I quickly scanned the room for the culprit. No markers, no grape juice…nothing out of the ordinary. Still under the impression that she got something on her chin, we did what all good parents would do and gave her a bath.

While my husband was giving her a bath, I did the second thing that all good parents do and Google “purple rash on kid’s chin.” Worst idea ever! At this point she had everything from Leukemia to Measles to Syphilis. I hurry back to the bathroom and advise my husband to quickly remove her from the tub because “it says we have to seek medical help immediately.” Consumed with worry, trying not to puke from the knots in my stomach, we drove to the kids urgent care clinic near our house.

We’re now in the examining room. The nurse pleasantly took my daughter’s vitals (all normal), but I swear she couldn’t stop staring at the purple chin in wonderment. That gives you the warm fuzzies. Then the doctor comes in. She examines the purple chin, she takes a closer look at the red dots, she looks up at us and says, “Let me get the other doctor in here to take a look.” Holy crap. At this point, I have the sweats and the shakes, along with my twisted stomach. And I’m petting my daughter’s head like some sort of weirdo. Meanwhile, my husband is playing the delicate roll of calming the mother/wife and entertaining the child. Then the second doctor comes in. He gets down on my daughter’s level and gives the purple chin a once-over. Then he gives her whole body a once-over, looking for other mysterious purple blobs. There were none to be found. He explained that the purple blob was a bruise and the red dots were broken blood vessels. It was at this point that he reassured us that it was not Leukemia, Measles , Syphilis or anything else Google said (I’m sure doctors hate Googling parents. I’m sorry to all the doctors out there, I couldn’t help it). He asked us if she had been playing with the vacuum cleaner attachment, suctioning her chin. Yeah, because that’s such a great toy for a 2 year old, we play ‘suck your face off with a vacuum’ all the time. We quickly put that theory to rest. He then asked if she was drinking from a regular cup and was suctioning it to her chin, thought he admitted he typically saw that in much older children. That was a good thought but she is still a sippy cup carrier, so we poo-pooed that theory as well. We left the doctor’s office, reassured that it wasn’t serious but still unsure of what actually caused the purple chin.

Back at home, the dinner was cold, we were still unsettled and my daughter’s chin was still purple. My husband and I paced around the kitchen, like Sherlock Holmes and Watson, trying to figure out what could have caused the purple chin. We were looking over at our daughter, puzzled, while she was back at play in her little pink kitchen. She turned to look back at us, with big bright eyes, sensing our stares. And when she turned around, her arms were at her sides and there was a little pink teacup stuck to her face, covering her little purple chin perfectly. We all stood there in silence, staring at one another. She giggles and the cup falls to the floor. Mystery solved.

This is a wonderful website.  They also sponsor a great community on The Blog Frog.  I recommend you go join up!

The runner-up is....

I also really loved this post so you should definitely go check it out as well. 

Thanks again to everyone!  This was really fun!! :-)
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  1. Good choice Katie!! I read this post and cracked up!!

  2. Oh boy! The case of the dangerous toy tea cup?!? Who knew. What a stressful, yet funny day! I can just imagine that purple spot with red dots.

  3. Congratulations to your winner! I'll have to take a look at her article.

  4. I am guilty of Mommy Googling as well. Doctors probably hate me and love my husband because he doesn't ask one question when he takes the girls to the doc.