Saturday, October 15, 2011

Facebook Pressure to go Apple Picking is Intense

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I can't resist looking.  I know I shouldn't just like I know I shouldn't have ice cream at 9:55pm, but I do it anyway.  And everytime I look, I feel like everyone else is having SOOOO much more fun than me.  Everyone else is constantly at the zoo, swimming, at football games, etc.  With fall in full swing, everyone is out picking apples and going to the pumpkin patch. 

Well I say, NO MORE PRESSURE!!  Hubby had to work yet again this weekend so this morning when I woke up and he was gone, I knew I wanted to enjoy the beautiful Fall Day, but I realized that there is no law that says you have to go to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins.  They sell them at the grocery store.  They also sell apples so we don't have to pick them ourselves.  Of course I would like to go apple picking, but all the places are really far away and Fall is a busy time, especially when your husband works every weekend.

Instead, we went walked to the park right by our house.  You know what?  The leaves were beautiful, the kids had a blast, and I'm proud to say....I'm Katie and I didn't go apple picking this year.  Sue me!! :-)

First we climbed trees....

Then we got a little tired and took a break...

Kudos to all of you who did go apple picking though...can we have some of your homemade pie??!?!??
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  1. I never go apple picking and pumpkins no way would i go into a pumpkin field. I would much rather select mine from the store. So just know your not alone :). New follower from the hop.

  2. Oh how friends' and bloggers' pictures can look so nice! And they make it look so simple... It's easy to romanticize others' lives, but I guess we miss all the pictures of the hard work to make those activities happen!

    Besides, the kids don't need the trip to the apple farm. They can have just as much from at the park, especially with trees to climb!

  3. Love this Katie! It is so true, when we look at what others seem to be achieving and we seem not to be doing the same thing:) I have to be careful not to compare my life to others. We all have unique lives. Proud of you for doing your own thing! It looks like you had LOTS of fun on a beautiful fall day:)

  4. It's so true that FB can make you feel like you're not nearly as fun as everyone else! haha, sometimes I think people make up things that they are doing just to sound cool. :) haha

  5. Oh my gosh... You had me laughing out loud. Love it. This is so my life. And if I did give in and go, my 15 mo old would probably have not really enjoyed it anyways. Haha. I soooo felt the pressure too

  6. What a great post & thanks for linking up last week. Sounds like you had mroe fun than all those who felt the pressure to take part in something they feel they have to! Looking forward to following more of your posts

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