Monday, October 10, 2011

Will Exercise for Cupcake

Sometimes people ask me why I wake up at 5:30am to exercise.  I tell them it's because it gives me more energy.  Because I feel better all day.  Because it gets my brain working.  All those things are true, but if I'm being really is the real reason...

Cupcakes!!!  YUM YUM YUM YUM AND YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. So true...

    My motto is, "I exercise so that I can eat what I want." Although. I find that as I get older that's not working out so well for me.


    By the way, that looks "SUPER TASTY", as my 5 year old would say.

  2. I've been trying to do that for weeks, but it seems like my little one is either teething or sick keeping me from getting very much sleep. Good for you for doing it, especially for a cupcake :-)

  3. Dang - are we supposed to exercise before eating a cupcake? Too bad I didn't know that. I hear the chocolate calling me now.

  4. Funny! Oh, that cupcake looks so good! :) Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from Get Connected Tuesday Blog Hop. Would love a follow back on my blog: Prowling Books In the Lair. Thanks!