Monday, October 31, 2011

Heckled by My Daughter Again While Running With Stroller

It really is no wonder that it's hard for Moms to do any serious training.  This weekend Hubby took Little Buddy to get a haircut so I decided to go for a nice run with the Single Bob Stroller.  Now this is quite a treat for me because the Double Bob Stroller is so huge that it's hard to get the motivation to even take it out of the garage.  Still, even just getting prepared for a run is a lot of work.  Since it was a little chilly, I had to get blankets, snacks, water, and music.  And that's just for Munchkin Girl.

Once I was finally prepared, we set off on the crisp Fall day.  A few minutes into the run, I was feeling the pressure.  I've been sick so my chest is still a little tight.  Within three minutes I encountered a huge hill and had to slow to a walk.  Munchkin Girl started saying something.  I couldn't hear her because it was windy and the canopy was fully extended.  I tried to just agree with everything and keep going.  "Yes, definitely."  "Uh, huh, that sounds good honey." 

She got more and more insistent and eventually I had to stop running, pull open the canopy and ask her what she wanted.  She said,

"Mommy, it doesn't feel like you're running.  Why aren't you running?"

Really??!?!!  She made me stop running just to tell me that I wasn't running???

We kept going and came to a stoplight.  I turned right and again, she started saying something and being very insistent.  Finally I stopped again and pulled the canopy since I still couldn't hear her.

"Mommy, that was a red light.  You forgot to stop and wait for it to turn green."

I didn't realize that I brought a Heckler with me on my run.  Maybe it's time to join a gym.

I will say that at the end of the run, as I pulled her out of the stroller, she said, "Mommy, thanks for letting me wear my slippers." 

Point for Munchkin Girl...It's nice when someone appreciates the little things in life.
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  1. Good for you for getting out there and running!
    Following you now from Bloggy Moms.


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