Saturday, October 1, 2011

Shopping in Pajamas

Shopping in Pajamas

I buy clothes at Walmart.  And Kohl's.  If I'm feeling really crazy and somemthing big is coming up, like the first day of school, I'll make a trip to Gymboree (only with a coupon).  I don't even usually shop at Baby Gap.  Too expensive.

I do, however, always make sure the kids are presentable.  I NEVER let Munchkin Girl leave the house without brushing her hair.  I don't let either of them leave our house in pajamas, even just to go play out front in our own street. 

I'm the same way.  I'm not fancy at all, but rarely wear T-Shirts and sweats in public and my hair is only in a ponytail if I'm actively running.

Yesterday felt different.  I needed to run some errands and Munchkin Girl had just woken up from her nap.  I was feeling so cozy in my sweats and t-shirts.  I decided to get radical...

Check her out at Macy's...looking at perfume in...her PJs!!!  I have to say, it felt WONDERFUL!!!  Very liberating to break out of my normal routine. 

She actually got lots of compliments and thought it was entirely fun to be shopping in PJs.  When we got home my husband said,

"Welcome Home Bag Lady."

And he was just being honest...I really did look like a bag lady.  Shopping in PJs wasn't nearly as charming on me as it was on Munchkin Girl.  I probably won't start doing it all the time, but sometimes it's really nice to break out of your comfort zone.
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  1. She's not the only one wearing PJs out there in public. I saw a kinda cute guy walking down the street the other day. It looked like he was wearing girl's PJs - black with pink hearts. Either he was gay, poor and shopped at the thrift shop, wearing his girlfriend's or wife's PJs, or color-blind. I'll never know; I'm a happily married woman. Just saying he got a second glance from me and made me smile. Everyone wants to wear PJs shopping. Some are more brave than others.

  2. mmmm - more brave - or braver. Talk about being tired and multi-tasking. You'd never know I made As in English and wrote a book.

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