Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why you shouldn't leave boys alone

When I get home from work, I find that I am always looking for something to do.  It's like I have missed so much during the day that I find myself with a constant "to-do" list.  I let the dogs out, wipe noses, get snacks and dinner ready, clean up toys and messes, get the mail, gather up bills, and on and on and on.  Yesterday when I got home we all went up to my room so I could change my clothes.  The sun was streaming in and it felt warm and cozy and the bed was made and looked fresh and clean.  I looked around and the kids were happily playing with toys.  I sighed and decided to do the unthinkable...I laid down on the bed on my stomach with a magazine!!!  I luxuriated in this feeling of total relaxation....until I realized I hadn't heard a word from Little Buddy.  I turned around and found....

Little Buddy found some bubble bath in our cabinet and was happily pouring it all over the carpet.  He really did look happy and almost proud of his art.

And that is why you never turn your back on an 18 month old boy.  No matter how inviting the bed is and how interesting the article is on Brad Pitt.

Luckily, God invented the vaccuum.  Well, maybe not God, but someone very smart.

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  1. your blog is SERIOUSLY funny stuff. just wanted to let you know :)

  2. Why thank you Holly! You are very kind. And I really enjoyed your entry! I joined your site and will keep you posted on results!

  3. :0) thanks for the pre-warning.

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