Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The difference between Mommy and Daddy

The difference between Mommy and Daddy

Mommies and Daddies are different.  Daddy is always the first choice for wrestling.  Mommy gives the best hugs. 

Daddy sees this room as a mess.  Mommy sees this as proof that the toys we bought are being put to good use. 

Daddy was in charge of getting Munchkin Girl dressed the other day.  This is what she ended up in.  Notice tangled hair, the pants that are too short, and the green shirt with pink pants.  I asked (in a nice voice) if that's what she was wearing.  He replied, "What's wrong with it?  It matches."

My personal favorite.  Do you see the scissors in the bottom of the trash can?   Keep in mind these aren't your standard issue scissors.  These are sharp surgical scissors (Daddy is an orthopedic surgeon).  Daddy sees this as a perfectly reasonable place to get rid of these.  In a trash can without a lid in the bathroom where the kids constantly play.  Mommy sees this as a perfectly resonable way for the kids to cut off each other's fingers. 

At the end of a long day, Daddy popped open this beer for me and handed to me in a moment of pure chaos.  Just when I think he can't get any dumber...he does something and totally redeems himself!!! (Anyone know what movie this is from??) 

The truth is that we agree on this point.  Beer is always welcome after a long day of fights, wrestling, crying, laughing, and hugs. 

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  1. My daughters always end up looking silly when daddy dresses them:) It does make me smile though!

  2. My ex does a fairly decent job of dressing the kids when he has them...although if our daughter wears a really cute outfit, I give credit to his new wife,lol

  3. LOL. Yep, been there. I love how my husband always says, "Whhhhat?" in this quiet little voice whenever I question his choice of...well...just about anything, as if he just can't figure out why I'm so darn picky. ;)

  4. Love this! Yes, something is wrong if there aren't toys all over the floor at the end of the day! I found you via the hop and am a new follower. I hope you'll come visit me and follow back at http://www.yummymummyktichen.com


  5. Aww, Dumb and Dumber is such a fun movie :) Following from Haute Mom's hop. I love your writing style! Off to check out more posts :)

  6. I agree on the scissors. I've seen too many bad haircuts by kids. Dad can do surgery but can't brush hair - not an inborn talent for men to make hair look good. Sure it's color coordinated if you're colorblind and aren't blessed with fashion taste but then doctors don't need that really. Green and red are Christmas colors, after all, and Christmas is just around the corner.

  7. Love this post! Visiting from MomLoop's Friday Follow.

  8. omg, i love your blog! spent a good time away from my kids browsing your posts. :)

    new follower, and hope we can stay connected. have a great day!


  9. Great post, I love the pink (high water) pants and green shirt, too funny. Following from Get Wired blog hop.

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