Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm terrible at crafts

I've never been good at art.  Or crafts.  Or anything that involves glue, glitter, or paint.  In fact as a kid my art teacher kept calling my Mom and complaining that I wasn't even trying.  My Mom assured her that I was trying really hard and just truly was bad at art (I learned this much later in life.  At the time, I kept bragging about my art projects.  I guess I was slightly deluded even as a child).

Anyway, I've been trying not to dwell on this because I really feel like maybe I'm not qualified to be a "Mom blogger" if I can't do crafts.  There are so many amazing sites out there with all these super creative activities and I'm very challenged in this department.  Let me this illustrate for you.  Last Christmas one of my friends invited us over to do Gingerbread houses.  I was so excited until I discovered that she baked the pieces herself and we had to assemble them.  She provided a bowl with frosting and the Moms put the houses together while the kids waited. 

Poor Munchkin Girl.  She waited patiently for me.  The other Moms expertly placed the pieces in the right spots, used the perfect amount of frosting to hold them in place and they looked they'd been bought at a store.  Then there was mine.  I tried, I really did, but the pieces kept falling down so I kept using more frosting.  Pretty soon we were out of frosting and then I didn't have anything left for the sidewalks.

Munchkin Girl started decorating and as she was pushing the first piece of candy on the roof, the roof fell down.  She screamed and I scurried over to get the roof back in place, which was tough since I was now out of frosting.  To her credit, she had fun anyway and I let her do all the work.  Just like her Mommy, her self-confidence and/or delusion carried her through and she didn't notice that ours was lopsided, falling down, and missing pieces. 

See how the sides of the roof aren't even touching each other?  I'm sure glad this isn't my house!  It would be very cold to live here.

Despite the fact that I'm art-challened, I've recently been convinced of the importance of creativity.  Through blogging I've made a good friend, named Susan Case, who used to teach kindergarten and also writes a great blog.  She's been very supportive and I've asked her to write a blog for me on the importance of crafts.  She's also going to come up with an idea for us to try for Thanksgiving.  I'm excited to give this all another try. 

PS...If any of you fabulous Mommy bloggers have a good post about an easy craft, send it to me!  I clearly need help!! :-)  Otherwise, stay tuned for Susan's post on crafts...I'm going to get to Hobby Lobby this week for my glue gun!!
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  1. I am too. Very art-cahallenged. By the way - I LOVE your blog - you are too funny!

  2. You will officially be an expert on crafts once you purchase a glue gun! See how easily that Gingerbread house could have been hot glued together - totally inedible - but standing nonetheless. Kids don't care how perfect a craft is, they just want to create it (and eat it so I was just kidding about the glue gun on this project). My husband is much better than me on making gingerbread houses. He thinks about it like a construction building project.

  3. Your funny! I think this art project is PERFECT! Always something to learn isn't there :) Blessings!

  4. This totally reminded me of an old post I wrote- I think you might appreciate it.--

    Happy to be following you!

  5. I think gingerbread houses are hard to build! Mine that I've attempted were all haphazard too. The important thing is the eating of them ;-)

  6. Awesome blog ... I love your writing style! I'm art-challenged, too! I LOVE that the artistic bloggers share their ideas with the rest of us ... makes it so much easier! And I love that kids don't care how imperfect our artistic attempts are. Deb @

  7. Your story about your gingerbread house sounds a lot like mine from last year, lol! But the important thing isn't how the craft turns out, it's all about just having fun with the little one, right? If you're looking for some easy ideas, I have a few on my blog you might like.