Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Joys of Stomach Flu

The Joys of Stomach Flu with Little Kids

Why can't someone invent a shot for stomach flu?  I mean for crying out loud they figured it out for the regular flu so what are those slacker scientists waiting for?!?!? 

Here is a summary of my day today:

5:45 Wake up and do some relaxing yoga
6:15-7 Finish up several emails to my customers
7:00 Enter Children's room with a big smile on my face as it is usually my favorite part of the day.  The smile disappers when I am greeted with the umistakable smell of vomit
7:00-7:15 Clean said vomit out of crib, pull out all sheets, toys, pacifiers and begin lengthy clean-up process including opening windows and bringing in fans to air out the smell
7:15 Change disgusting runny diaper and put a pound of Butt Paste on the poor red bottom that has been sitting in diarrhea all night
7:30- Attempt to wrestle milk cup out of toddler's hands since I have now determined he has stomach flu and cannot drink milk
8:00 Scramble around the house in search of items the kids can eat.  It turns out I have no bananas and only one applesauce. 
8:30-10:00 Try to entertain sick children inside the house
10:00 Take children outside to swingset for a change of scenery
10:05 Step in giant pile of dog poop
10:05-10:15 Clean dog poop off shoe
1:00 Put kids down for naps.  As I carry my three year old daughter upstairs she wraps her arms around my neck super tight and whispers in my ear, "Mommy, you're my most favorite Mommy in the whole world."

At that point, I realize I'm lucky that I get to be home with the kids when they're sick.  They need their Mommy when they aren't feeling good.  I still have fond memories of my Mom taking such good care of me when I was sick.  In fact, I remember almost feeling lucky when I was sick because I knew my Mom would pamper me.  And I'm lucky they only have the stomach flu.  It could be much worse because at least they will get better eventually.

So yes, for now I'm grateful...until tomorrow when I have to pull sheets off the bed again that are covered in vomit and little pieces of carrots, bread, etc.  Kids sure can be fun.
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  1. Being a mommy is not and will never be easy. Keep it up, your kids will grow up to appreciate you more just like you appreciate your own mom. Thanks for visiting..

  2. Eeeww - so sorry about the pieces of carrot and bread in vomit. Here's a thought - someday - long from now - you'll be old and they may have to clean up after you! So keep smiling at them - you may be wearing a diaper again. Personally, I'd rather just go on and meet my maker. I do remember my mom making an absolutely delicious creamy cheesecake whenever I was sick. Made it almost worth it.

  3. Following you back! Hope your morning is going better today! laura

  4. I hope they are feeling better soon! Tummy viruses are no fun.

  5. Thanks everyone! We are actually feeling much better today! I appreciate all your kind words and really hope you all stay healthy!! :-)

  6. Ahh! That's terrible. Glad everyone is feeling better ;) I was hopping around blogs and wanted to stop and say hello. I'm loving your blog! Feel free to stop by We Got Kidz and say hello some time :)

  7. Oh poor thing! Hang in there!! New follower from Weekend Blog Hop. I hope that you can follow me too at