Saturday, November 12, 2011

Envy for warm climate: Yes, you're lucky if you live where it doesn't snow...

A few of my friends and family have moved away to warmer climates.  They love to point out how great it is to live where it never snows and you barely need a coat (You know who you are :-) ).  This definitely makes me envious, mostly because I hate wrestling the kids in an out of coats and into carseats. 

However, as most of you also know about me, I prefer to look on the bright side.  I'm reading a book by John Steinbeck right now and you know how sometimes you read something that really hits you and makes you so happy?  Read this passage from Travels With Charley:

"I've lived in good climates and it bores the hell out of me.  I like weather rather than the humid ever-summmer how can a mind not to go back to the shout of color, to the clean rasp of frosty air, to the smell of pine wood burining and the caressing warmth of kitchens.  For how can one know color in perpetual green, and what good is warmth without cold to give it sweetness?"

I love these words and they really hit home to me the other day when we built a leaf pile and kids came running from everywhere to join in the fun.  Pretty soon the leaves will be gone from all the trees and everything will look bleak and I will dream of visiting my friends and family in the South, but for now I will bask in the beauty of the bright reds and oranges of our trees. 

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  1. great blog! i love these blog hops (Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop). i find so many great people this way!

    Happy Saturday!

  2. That is a gorgeous photo and brings back memories of my Kansas childhood doing the same thing. I can hear those leaves crunching and the kids laughing. Falls in Texas don't look like KS falls. We do have snow occasionally but rarely the great fluffy kind for making snowmen. You have all the seasons there. Texas seasons are: Summer, Winter, Hot Summer. and Seriously Hot Summer.

  3. The Imagination Tree posted a comment: "There is no horrible weather - just inappropriate clothing." Get outside and play! It will build up the immune system. We played outside every day in KS when I was growing up. Mom had 5 kids and she pushed us out the door wearing goulashes, hats, gloves, coats. It was great fun sleding, biking, skating. We rarely watched TV and my husband's family rarely had a TV. He was top reader in school.