Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kids are Just Like Dogs

It’s funny how much kids are like dogs. They can’t feed themselves, they want constant attention and they both tend to have big smelly poops. Dogs need lots of exercise, especially when they’re young. If a dog misbehaves, trainers almost always start by recommending more activity. Kids are no different. Thirty minutes of TV can buy some much-need peace (and sanity), but as soon as the show is over, the kids are bouncing off the walls again because they need to get up and get moving. That’s why I treat my kids just like my dogs!
  • Fetch: What better game for a rowdy 18 month old boy than fetch? You sit in one room, get him all excited about playing with the ball, and then throw it in the other room and have him go find it. I find this provides lots of fun and lots of exercise.
  • Wrestling: There is no better way to bond with your kids than to get on the floor and wrestle with them. They love to be picked up, thrown around, and most of all they love to climb all over you. It’s a wonderful way to burn some energy after dinner. • Sit: I find that my kids absolutely love Simon Says. I tell them to
  • Sit. They do. I tell them to touch their noses. They do. I tell them to jump and down. They do! What a great way to help them with their attention span and get them off the couch.

 I love my kids and I love my dogs and I love them even more when they’ve both had plenty of time to burn up all that excess energy!!

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  1. I totally agree, my daughter acts just like a dog. I would like to add that she also puts paper, chords, basically any nonfood item in her mouth too.

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  3. How true. We had a gorgeous ridgeback who sadly passed away, but he was just like a two-year old. I like the ideas for my kids. They definitely need some energy draining activities.

  4. Love this!! i am following you from Bloggy Mom....


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    Courtney P.

  6. I love big dogs! They are so great with kids.

    Thank you for stopping by and participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. Cut pic, are I totally agree with you analogy, lol.