Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apology to family

I'm going to borrow a saying from my Dad.  I feel like a real heel.  In other words, Insert foot in mouth. 

I need to explain a few things because I afraid that I have hurt the feelings of people that are very special to me and my kiddos.  My best friend told me recently that she was trying to decide which jogging stroller to buy but she didn't know which one to get.  That gave me the idea to write about products I like and dislike, because if I am going to spend money on something, I really like to talk to someone before who has used it.  However, I may have hurt some feeling in the process of this.  Keep in mind this blog is truly intended for other Moms, to try to bring a little humor to others and try to share some of the few things I have learned.  The thing is, I hate it when I personally buy something that the kids don't like and it makes me feel bad when I know that someone goes to a lot of trouble to buy something for the kids and they don't get much use out of it.  For example, one time my Dad was traveling and in the airport he found a laughing, rolling monkey that was $50.  He bought it and was so excited to show to Munchkin Girl.  She was 18 months at the time and was scared to DEATH about it.  She cried and cried until we put it away.  My Mom still teases him about the gift and he's a good sport, but it provides some insight into the intent of the this page.  I hated to see him spend $50 and he was so excited about it. 

I am blessed with a loving family who buy lots of gifts for the kids.  They are so generous and wonderful to give gifts to the kids.  MOST of them the kids have LOVED.  There were a select few that just didn't provide as much fun as I thought they would.  My sole intention was to provide honest, helpful information to other Moms.  I posted my honest opinion.  However, I inadvertedly and unintentionally hurt some feelings of people that our family loves and I feel absolutely TERRIBLE. 

The bottom line is that my kiddos adore their aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. and in retrospect it was not a good thing to do.  I learned my lesson!

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