Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I never liked tattletales.  I have a vivid memory of when I was in first grade and the guy in front of me was taking too long to get a drink from the drinking fountain.  I called him a jerk.  He told the teacher on me and I got my name on the board.  For the first and only time the entire year (well, I'm pretty sure that was the only time.  I don't remember any others, but might be having selective memory on that one). 

Anyway, I've always encouraged Munchkin Girl not to tattle on others.  I am realizing this is a fine line.  The other day I was making breakfast and they were on the other side of the kitchen island from me so I couldn't see them.  Munchkin Girl was kind of whining and I figured they were fighting over a toy.  I kept cooking.  I figured they would work it out.  Little Buddy was screeching with delight and I finally peeked over the counter.  He had a brush in his hand and was pummeling poor Little Munchkin Girl over the head with the hard brush.  Repeatedly. 

I practically jumped over the counter and yanked the brush out of his hand.  "You poor thing, why didn't you tell me he was hitting you?"  I gathered her in my arms and she was really pretty tough about the whole thing. 

"Mommy, you said not to tattle." 

Oops.  I guess it's a fine line.  My Mom is a PE teacher at an elementary school and she says it's the difference between tattling and reporting.  I guess I need to learn the difference so Little Munchkin won't end up with black eyes from her "little" brother who happens to weigh more than she does!

Incidentally I think this whole incident was pretty funny because she does actually tattle on him a lot and sometimes it's useful.  For example she tells me when he's eating bugs or getting in the mud.  I'm not sure why she chose this particular incident to avoid tattling, but I clearly need some help figuring this one out!
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