Monday, September 5, 2011

Still working

Today (Labor Day) is Day three of being home alone with kiddos.  Hubby is gone again for the next 24 hour shift.  He does come home when there's no surgery happening, but it usually isn't long before his pager goes off again.  I have the day off and I went to a brunch this morning with the kids, and since today is a Holiday for most people, I was yet again the only person there without a spouse. 

I'm very excited though because this weekend I am taking Munchkin Girl to Charleston to visit my brother!  Hubby couldn't get the time off so he's staying home with Little Buddy!  Hooray!!  Ever since Little Buddy was born, I feel like I end up catering to his every need.  First, it was breastfeeding.  I was the only one who could do it.  Then he decided he didn't want anyone else so he was always glued to my hip.  Thus, I am super excited to spend some quality time with just Munchkin Girl!  So, on my schedule for today:

1.  Start packing for my trip
2.  Act as running coach for Hubby's barefoot running study

Number 2 probably needs slightly more explanation.  Hubby is doing an 8 week trial on barefoot running.  He has about 30 people participating and he is measuring to see if their foot strength changes over 8 weeks.  Hopefully if all goes well his research will be published.  At 6am, 12 noon, and 6pm someone has to go guide the paricipants through the study.  I've been filling in here and there when he can't find anyone else.  Usually it's Hubby who does all of them, but today is working so it's up to me.  I, Katie, who has never run barefoot and didn't even run high school track, is going to meet a bunch of people at the park, with my whistle and stopwatch.  I'm a little confused about what they're doing, something about Run for 60, rest for 60, run for 50, rest for 50, etc and on down and then back up.  I have it written down.  I'm sure it'll be fine...
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