Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day

Today is Day 2 of having the kids to myself.  Hubby worked a 24 hour shift Saturday (He is an orthopedic surgeon, but still in his residency training).  He will have to sleep all day so that he can do a 24 hour shift on Monday too.  Yep, that makes all three days of Labor Day weekend and the kids probably won't see him at all!  Well, maybe tonight for a few hours.  Dont worry though...we still have our own fun.  Look what I fished out of Little Buddy's mouth yesterday.  The kids both thought it was pretty hysterical.:

Little Munchkin was screaming, "Mommiiiiiie!!!  He's got a bug in his mouuuuuth!!!"  Then she would clap her hand over her mouth and giggle.  Little Buddy laughed with his mouth open wide enough that I could see what he had, then he ran away and tried to dodge me so I couldn't get it from him.  Don't worry.  He didn't actually eat it and it's not poisonous (I checked).  Anyway, being alone with kiddos doesn't usually bother me except for things like what happened yesterday.  I went up to a college football game with my parents.  We all went to the same University, including Hubby.  I took the kiddos and it was a little hot and rained a little, but the kids loved seeing all the people.  Everything was going swimmingly until we ran into a family friend on our way to get some food. 

"Where is Hubby?" she asks.

"He has to work today," I say.  I suddenly notice the look of pity in her eye.  She doesn't believe me!  I guess she thinks he's sitting at home by himself? 

I launch into an extensive explanation of the surgery he is performing and I reach up to swat away one of the thousands of bugs that keep bothering me.  Crap!  I'm not wearing my ring!  I've been doing these stupid pull-ups for Crossfit and they really bother my hands so I have to take my rings off.  I forgot to put them back on!  Now she probably thinks I'm either not actually married or that I'm separated!  I guess this is a sign that I should stop doing pull-ups.  I hate them anyway.

She hurries away akwardly and I find myself trying to run after her.  However, it doesn't go well because I've got the kids by myself at this point and they are bouncing all around in the grass in their little cars.  I stop and smile at the kids.

"Mommy, can we walk around a little more?" Little Munchkin asks.  "This is fun!" 
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  1. The worst is when the hubby can't come because they are "just" catching up on sleep on a post-call day or trying to get some rest on a pre-call day. Or when they have to catch up on notes or prepare for the next day's cases. Oh the joys of being a doctor's wife! :)

  2. A friend of mine told me her 2-year-old son ate the pet goldfish! Guess, his sister was too stunned to hurry and ask for help for the poor fish as it moved toward Jeremy's mouth - or time was too short. Audrey called the doctor and he said "Don't worry. Everything will come out all right in the end." They have a big dog now for a pet.

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