Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beach fun

So this morning we were out playing in ths sand.  Munchkin Girl is having a blast with her uncles, jumping in an out of the waves, collecting shells, and building sandcastles. 

Suddenly she stops and looks at me.  "Mommiiiiiiiie, I have to pottiiiiiiiiiiiiiie," she says. 

Hmm...I have a dilemna on my hands.    She and I are both covered with sand.  Almost head to toe.  I should take her back to our place.  I know that's what I really should do.  I'm sure that's what most good Moms would do.  But if we do that, we'll get our place covered with sand.  Or we could go wash ourselves off completely, but that would take forever with Munchkin Girl because the outside shower is far away.  I look back at our place.  And then I start heading for the ocean.

"Where are we going Mommy?" 

"Guess what honey?  You get to potty in the ocean," I say. 

Now, I know this is probably wrong.  I shouldn't let her do it.  But I remember doing it as a kid and what can it really hurt?  I take her out as far as I can and tell her to squat down and go ahead.  She looks pretty nervous but starts to squat.  The problem is that she doesn't squat very far.  In fact, she barely bends her legs and to my surprise, she has nor problema at all with this plan and just starts going.  And going.  The waves suddenly go out at this point so she has no cover at all and she also decides to bend over and watch her potty stream.  My family is laughing hysterically at the site of her bending over and peeing and watching it and I don't have the heart to make her stop and take her deeper in the water.  For anyone walking by, there is no doubt what she is doing. She watches her stream the entire time.   

She finally gets finished, looks up and says, "Okay Mom, let's go finish the sand castle.  That was fun!"

They did finish the sandcastle and I have to say, it was quite a masterpiece!

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