Thursday, September 22, 2011

Yoga + Toddlers = Bad Idea

Last weekend I tried to drag myself out of bed to work out.  I really did try, but I just couldn’t do it on a Sunday morning.  I started feeling guilty later that morning so I pondered my options.  It was raining outside, so taking the kids in the stroller was out.  Instead, I decided that I would try that Yoga DVD I ordered a long time ago.  It’s the one by the lady who trains Jennifer Anniston.  I thought it sounded like a great idea.  I’d love to look like Jennifer Anniston. 
The kids were both playing quietly for once, so I popped in the DVD and started to get in my best meditation mode.  There was lots of quiet breathing and stretching and I started feeling really pleased with myself.  What a great way to multi task.  The kids are happy and I am going to soon be relaxed and flexible.  Supermom, right??  Unfortunately, the kids soon became interested in my stretching.  Soon Munchkin Girl joined me.  At first, she was quietly stretching and I smiled and wished I could somehow take a picture of us.  Things quickly went south in a hurry when I was in plank position.   She climbed on top of me and started laughing hysterically.
                I tried my best to hold my plank position while she climbed on top of me.  And jumped off.  And did it again and again.  She was laughing so hard I couldn’t help smiling, but this wasn’t exactly the relaxing Yoga workout I had in mind.  Then when I went to being on my hands and knees she scrambled under me and looked straight up at me and laughed.  She wiggled all around while I dutifully tired to follow the instructor by flexing my back up and down. 
                Pretty soon the dogs started to think this would be fun too.  I have two Golden Retrievers so they’re huge.  They started wrestling and barking right next to us.  They kept bumping into me and knocking me over.  Munchkin Girl began shrieking every time the dogs barked.
                Soon I decided it was time to wind down.  I lay flat on my back and closed my eyes and tried to end in a meditative position, as I was instructed.  Before I knew it, Little Buddy decided he wanted to sit in my lap so I could read him a book.  Instead of sitting on my legs, he plopped flat down on my face.  My eyes were closed at the time, so I was totally unprepared for a huge diapered 25 pound behind landing on my face. 
                I jumped up and turned off the TV.  Lessons learned?  Yoga + toddlers = bad idea.  Very bad idea.  The good news is that next time I will probably have the motivation to get out of bed.
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  1. funny
    My toddler does the same, climbs on top of me when im just starting with the sun salutation but now he imitates some stretching and goes OM :)

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